What Does Your Employee Retention Strategy Look Like?


Employee retention was tricky enough before the pandemic. A bright, promising employee might be lured away by a hot new competitor, promising new challenges and a bigger paycheck. Now employees are in high demand, more than before, and companies might already be short-staffed due to pandemic restrictions. How can hiring managers and HR directors be […]

What Actually Makes Your Employees Stay?


Retention is always on employer’s minds – but what really makes a difference for employees? Sometimes offering a happy hour or implementing “Bagel Fridays” isn’t enough. But can you really afford raises across the board to keep your staff members satisfied? If you can’t give a salary bump, find other ways to make employees feel […]

Effective Employee Retention Strategies for Keeping Your Talent


Employee Retention Strategies

Having quality workers who know how to do the job effectively can often be a luxury, especially if you don’t have a retention plan in place. Follow these retention strategies!¬† Adequate Compensation¬† Let’s be real: there’s one main reason we all get out of bed in the morning and head to work. Whether you’re in […]