Best Ways to Integrate Your Temporary Workers



Temporary staff members can be so vital: whether you’re short-staffed for the summer or you need skilled trades for a massive project, temporary workers can rescue you in a crisis. They can also be great for a trial run – if you’re not sure how an employee will perform, give them a contract role to […]

Does Your Team Seem Burnt Out? Let’s Fix That



To keep your employees focused and effective, it’s essential to meet their needs as well. Barking orders does not motivate everyone. Don’t forget – you want to see your people succeed. Your leadership style can directly impact whether your team stands out or burns out. Seeing your team burn out is tough, but there are […]

Lead the Meeting Before It Begins



Have you ever experienced a wasteful meeting that could’ve been an email? Or worse, a meeting that goes completely off track and turns into hours of non-productive brainstorming. As a manager, it’s your duty to make every meeting count. Don’t spend time on meandering ideas that could be devoted to carrying out action items. Make […]

Why Your Employees Will Quit This Year



It happens: an employee quits and you’re left asking yourself how it happened. Some losses are more surprising than others. Adaptation is important for any manager because you’re going to have staff members quit on you. Have a plan to follow up, like keeping resumes on file or teaming up with a staffing agency, but […]

Agile Leadership – Why it’s the Future for Leaders



As a supervisor, it’s essential to use all the tools in your belt. Being firm and commanding is relevant, but flexibility is also necessary. Growing as a leader means trying new strategies and being open to every available resource. It’s advantageous for you as well as for the team you’re leading. Agile leadership is the […]

Active Listening – Why It Helps You Become a Better Boss



Are you listening? Or are you simply hearing? What’s the difference? One practice gets you results – satisfied employees, resolved rifts, and a positive rapport with your colleagues. The other practice gets you nowhere, doomed to repeat the same errors that are holding your business back from greatness. If you are really listening, then you […]

Leadership Styles that Don’t Inspire Your Team


As a professional in a leadership position, you know how important it is to set firm but attainable standards for your entire staff. You can read every leadership book on the shelf, but nothing prepares you to oversee a team like entering the fray on your first day. Whether you’re new to a leadership role […]

Your Company Needs a Mobile Device Policy – A Guide to Making One



In an increasingly technological workplace, guidelines are everything. It can seem impossible to manage the productivity of your employees when smartphones are everywhere. Personal mobile phones can be a serious work distraction, but they can also enable your employees to succeed. Davis Staffing is here to help you navigate the right way to create and […]

How Do You Properly Handle Employee Conflict?


Managing people is one of the most difficult aspects of leadership. People make mistakes, and people place blame. To create an environment where people enjoy coming to work each day, you have to set a standard of equitable treatment. When conflict arises, your staff needs to know that they can count on you to manage […]

What Are the Secrets to Leading Scientists?


Are you looking for an innovative way to boost your leadership abilities? Try a new approach and look for inspiration from top scientists. World-renowned academics and researchers often have insight we don’t think about from day to day. However, the scientific method isn’t just for lab coat professionals: you can use it to your advantage […]