There are real benefits to creating a work environment in which the company’s policy is overarchingly inclusive, making an effort to ensure every employee feels welcomed and valued. 

This might sound like a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings talk, but it’s true: Companies in which people are welcomed and a variety of backgrounds and cultures are included have greater success, see fewer turnover and the employees are happier, which means they tell their friends and new applicants are of a higher quality based on personal referrals. 


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of an inclusive work environment. 


  • Creativity goes up. When people feel welcomed and appreciated for their abilities, they relax. Relaxed employees are also more confident and, when they feel supported, their ability to be creative increases. They know they can try new things and learn from the outcomes instead of fearing being reprimanded if something doesn’t go as intended. 
  • Higher productivity. It’s the smallest thing, but feeling appreciated and recognized for doing hard work makes people more inclined to continue working hard. When people feel ignored, the “why bother working hard” mentality becomes pervasive and can really bring people down (more on that in a moment). But saying thank you, showing appreciation and acknowledging the contributions of individuals and the whole team can have incredibly positive results. 
  • Improved morale. If someone feels like their contributions don’t count, that their job could be done by anyone; if they feel invisible or that their work is taken for granted, morale will plummet. Why bother working hard if it doesn’t matter? Spread on the gratitude and showing an interest in individual contributions, thought processes and the willingness to try something new — even encouraging that creativity mentioned above! — is a big boost to self esteem that can bring morale to new heights. 
  • Increased knowledge and acceptance. The world is a very big place but people, at their core, want the same things everywhere: Good health, a safe place to live, a life that feels meaningful and worthwhile. Creating a working environment where those shared values are celebrated and acknowledged, along with providing the opportunity for people from different backgrounds to learn more about each other, means yours is a welcoming environment for everyone. Who doesn’t want to feel like they belong? 
  • Better employees. If your team is happy, they’ll tell their friends about how much they like their work, their job and their managers. When a job opens up, they’re more likely to pass that information along to their friends and to their networks. That brings in a higher quality of candidates based on referrals from the people who know your company best– happy, confident, supported employees who know the ins and outs of working there and want to share those good feelings with others. It’s a win-win! 


It might sound a little new age-y but the best and most successful companies are those in which employees feel valued and appreciated and know that their contributions matter. It’s an easy — and free! — change that can be implemented and yield immediate results. 

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