Are You Offering What Job Seekers Are Looking For?


Do you have what job seekers are looking for

Are you experiencing turnover? Are you struggling to attract the right worker? If you’re not offering anything that actual job seekers are looking for, you are not going to get any potential candidates. We’re here to help you change your perspective and make the moves you need to recruit effectively and fill out your team.  Transparency  […]

3 Reasons Why Workforce Diversity Is Essential


A group of diversified individuals

Hiring managers love to talk about dry spells in the labor market and dealing with low retention and turnover. But the experts know it’s about hiring the right people in the first place. The secret to effective long-term hiring is emphasizing the values that matter. Cultivating a staff with fresh ideas and diverse perspectives is the […]

Can You Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds?


So you’ve been granted a minute or less to sell yourself as a terrific job candidate. How do you guarantee yourself a position – or at least, an interview? When networking with professionals in your field, you never know what opportunities will become available to you. If you’re looking to expand your career horizons, you […]

Don’t Sweat Your Annual Review – How to Transform Your Career in 2012


An annual performance review can spark an anxiety attack in some people. There is nothing worse than sitting down, looking your boss in the eye and hearing about all of the things you don’t do right. However, instead of looking at an annual performance review as a time to worry consider it an opportunity to […]

How To Guide to the Tactful Interview Follow-up


After a job interview, candidates should generally provide some follow up to the hiring authority. It shows professionalism and makes a good impression.  Hiring decisions may not be made on qualifications alone, but also on the impression made on the hiring authority. Effective follow-up shows persistence and enthusiasm for the company. Here’s how to handle […]

The Warning Signs Of Job Search Anxiety…and How To Avoid The Issue


Looking for a new job can be a stressful process for anyone. The fear of the unknown and the feeling of not being in control can cause anxiety. Some people worry they may not be able to find employment especially in an economic downturn. Job seekers may become frustrated with continual rejection from employers. Recognizing […]