Five Effective Tactics to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in Your Organization


Top leaders in Chicago are more focused than ever on creating a supportive and inclusive company culture. Finding new ways to cultivate a diverse workforce and show you support your staff can often become a challenge. Discussions about the nature of diversity can lead to conflict and miscommunication. If you’re looking for great ways to […]

Facebook – Your Candidates Are Here: How Can You Recruit Them?


Social media is the new Goliath within the hiring system. It’s impossible to find the best candidates offline these days. It’s probably been a while since someone handed you a resume on paper because technology is simply outpacing that habit. Although there are many social media platforms you can use to help access candidates, Facebook […]

The Correct Way to Evaluate a Relationship with a Staffing Agency



Pairing up with a powerful ally is paramount to your company’s productivity. Your staff needs support to succeed. Working with a staffing agency can help you build a beneficial relationship with a community partner that knows exactly how to boost your company’s efficiency. But making the right partnership is key. Be sure you’re getting the […]

Google for Jobs – How Can You Find Candidates Here?



Finding candidates through traditional methods can be challenging. Sifting through applications and resumes can be mind-numbing, especially when you have other responsibilities waiting for you. Taking advantage of helpful hiring resources is the number one way you can resume your regular duties. Today we want to focus on Google for Jobs. If you want your […]

How Can a Chicago Staffing Agency Help You Hire Faster and Save Money?



In Chicago, there are so many opportunities to find excellent candidates that can help your organization succeed. The trick is navigating the process. The best way to bring in top talent to execute your company’s vision is to hire fast and keep costs to a minimum. Maximizing the efficiency of your hiring process will help […]

Does Higher Base Pay Increase Employee Retention?



Keeping quality employees on the payroll can be challenging in any industry, especially in 2018. Workers are more likely to seek new opportunities in a shorter span of time than in previous years. So how can you retain your best staff members? We’ve found it’s not through cheap swag or good intentions. We’re here to […]

With Low Unemployment, How Can Companies Find Talent?



When the market was saturated with candidates in the late 2000s, it was easy to find a qualified recruit. However, unemployment is low in the United States. This means slim pickings for the average hiring manager. As a recruiter, you may be wondering how best to get qualified candidates in the door. If you’ve tried […]

How Do Job Candidates Interpret Every Touch Point with Your Staffing Agency?



To stand out in the staffing industry, you need to show your clients you care. Job candidates are looking for expert advice and professional networking opportunities. Candidates often have a hard time standing out in their field and need to connect with a staffing agency to set themselves apart. That’s why Davis Staffing specializes in […]

Five Benefits to a Staffing Agency Helping Your Company



Every manager wants to employ the best in the business. Having reputable staff members on your side sets you apart in the industry, and turnover is the enemy of productivity. If you want your company to stand out, you’ll need the secret to success every top organization utilizes: a top staffing agency. Here are the […]

In a Candidate Market, Staffing Agencies Help Your Company Find Talent


Although we’re still feeling the impact, the Great Recession is over. Gone are the days of qualified candidates available by the dozen. These days, it can take weeks to find someone that’s right for the job. Many industries, such as construction and office clerical work, have been hit hard by the lack of talent. To […]