It’s not just a buzzword or some social media trend: Your company’s culture matters. It can shape the way your employees feel about where they work; influence your retention rate; change how easy or difficult it is to recruit new employees, and so much more. Positive company culture helps employees feel supported and appreciated; a bad one can push good, talented people out the door.

Luckily, a few little changes can make a big difference in improving your company’s culture and the way employees feel when they start their day. Here are some things you can do right now to make a positive impact. 

  • Listen to your employees.

    There might be nothing more important you can do to cultivate a positive office culture than listening to your employees and really hearing what they have to say. It’s not enough to have a suggestion box filled with slips of paper that are collected, glanced at, and tossed aside. If an employee comes to you with a concern, pay attention to it and work together to solve the problem. Don’t just pay them lip service and then move on to something else. When your team knows you’re paying attention to them and taking them seriously, they’re more likely to feel valued and like their voices matter. It’s also a sign of respect — and if you want them to respect you, they need to know you respect them. 

  • Celebrate the victories.

    This doesn’t mean the professional equivalent of giving everyone a participation trophy. But if your team comes through with a great quarter or finishes a project before the deadline, show them a little appreciation. Call them out for doing a great job and making you proud. Let them know you recognize their hard work and that their efforts are the reason your company is successful. The occasional pizza party, coffee bar, or cookie day, can go a long way toward building morale and lifting spirits, especially after the last few years of difficult times and stress. 

  • Encourage and offer recognition.

    People who work hard to do a good job can often feel like they’re taken for granted — it’s just assumed that this is how things are and how it should be. That can grind people down! Every so often, round everyone up and recognize those who have gone above and beyond to make your company successful. But go beyond that and give your team the chance to recognize each other. Whether it’s an employee of the month award or a rotating award given from employees to employees, it’s a little gesture that brings to the forefront the dedication and efforts of people who might otherwise feel unseen and unappreciated. People who feel valued are less likely to look around for a new opportunity. 

The workplace has changed in recent years and how people feel is just as important as their quality of work. People go to work for more than just a paycheck these days; if someone doesn’t feel like their contributions matter, they’ll go somewhere that offers that kind of respect and elevated treatment. It costs nothing to say thank you! 

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