Why an Employee Retention Strategy is Important 


While February is the month where everything is covered in hearts, flowers, candy and all things lovey-dovey, there’s something managers should keep in mind that pertains to these showers of affection. When’s the last time you let your employees know they’re appreciated?  A good employee retention strategy involves and requires periodic reminders to your team […]

Why It Is Beneficial To Create An Inclusive Work Environment 


There are real benefits to creating a work environment in which the company’s policy is overarchingly inclusive, making an effort to ensure every employee feels welcomed and valued.  This might sound like a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings talk, but it’s true: Companies in which people are welcomed and a variety of backgrounds and […]

Keeping Company Morale Up During the Summer


Company Morale Summer

The sun comes out, and it’s like a curse on your productivity. Some workers take advantage – leaving early, coming in late, frequent vacation days. While you can provide some levity, there’s still work to be done. As a manager, it’s your duty to remind your employees that they are just as responsible for their […]