Let’s be honest: It’s tough to keep people focused on work and motivated to do a good job when the weather gets nice. It can also be tough to keep people motivated if they feel like they’re doing the same thing over and over, day in and day out, or if they feel overworked, exhausted and under-appreciated. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way! 


Here are a few ideas on how to keep your team engaged and inspired while on the clock. 

  • Encourage opportunities for development and learning new skills. Some people are motivated by challenges and learning new things. Let them! If your employees are able to pick up new tricks and learn new ways of addressing their jobs, they become more valuable to you and they can, in turn, teach the rest of their team what they’ve learned. Constantly honing new skills is a great habit and people who are motivated to learn and allowed to do so will be even more engaged, because they’ll have the chance to practice their skills without having to leave their current job. Some people get resentful if they feel their skills are getting dull or outdated, so don’t let that happen. Feed their curiosity! 
  • Set goals and explain how things fit into the bigger picture. So often employees feel disconnected from what’s going on. They only know their jobs and their tasks without a sense of how that matters in the greater scheme of things. So tell them! Everyone’s job, everyone’s role, is important and contributes to the larger goals. From time to time, bring everyone together and provide a 50,000 foot view of what’s going on. Explain how each person or team’s project feeds into the next and why each contribution matters. When people feel their work is important and understand how they’re making a difference, they’ll be more energized to keep going, especially if they’ve been feeling overworked and frustrated. People like having a purpose and knowing that their work matters. Speaking of which…
  • Recognize achievements and say thank you. Few things motivate people more than recognition and appreciation. The busier your office and the more things your team is juggling, odds are pretty good at least someone’s feeling like they’re being overshadowed or taken for granted. There might be a sense among your employees that they’re just expected to work their fingers to the bone and be grateful for the check they take home at the end of the week. You can do better! Thanking people for their contributions, calling out by name those who have done an exceptional job, highlighting the efforts of a team who has pulled together through a difficult time — all of this matters. People who feel seen and respected won’t be looking for a new place to work. 
  • Resist the urge to call more meetings and micromanage projects. You’re working with adults, not children. Unless the team seems like it’s treading water or running into trouble, let them carry the projects and tasks you’ve given them. Trust them to do their jobs and show them that you believe in them. Make it clear they’re always free to come to you with questions or for advice, but let them make their own calls and decisions and to solve problems on their own. This is empowering and breeds confidence, in addition to encouraging teamwork and building trust within a group. No one needs more meetings on their calendar if there’s work to be done! 
  • Maintain a healthy, happy environment. Ok, not everything can be sunshine and rainbows all the time. That’s unrealistic. But the workplace should not be an environment in which people cower in fear or feel stressed out before they even clock in in the morning. Pay attention to the mood among your team. Watch for dissent and bad attitudes. When you see things change for the worst, it’s time to take action. Pull a few people aside to find out what the problem is and then take steps to address it, quickly. Make sure people are being, and feeling, supported. Be encouraging and don’t lead by fear or intimidation. We’re all stressed out enough as it is; the workplace should not produce stress that carries over into your employees’ personal lives. Make the workplace a healthier environment and people won’t be looking to make a move. 


Happy workers don’t go looking for new opportunities. Motivated workers are engaged, they stay where they are, they share their knowledge and that leads to lower turnover and better cohesion over the years. You can do it! 

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