Our Top Tips for Hiring Managers from 2018



New year, new leads? Tracking down quality candidates can be tough, and our Davis Staffing team has made 2018 the year of top hiring advice. Whether you’re in charge of hiring for a massive corporation or you’re a Chicago start-up with some growing to do, it’s essential to hire the right employees to fit your […]

How to Build a Diverse Team in 2019



As a manager, you are responsible for building and sustaining a diverse and effective team. Hiring candidates with different experience benefits your team because you can work from multiple viewpoints and work to the strengths of your staff. Perspectives beyond the standard are essential to above-average work. Diversity isn’t about skin color – it’s about […]

Hiring Mistakes New Small Business Owners Make



You’ve got guts! Starting a small business is no simple feat. This endeavor takes patience, courage, and a lot of business know-how. Any industry leader will tell you that you can’t do it all on your own. This is why it’s so critical for small business owners to hire an effective, trustworthy team to support […]

Google for Jobs – How Can You Find Candidates Here?



Finding candidates through traditional methods can be challenging. Sifting through applications and resumes can be mind-numbing, especially when you have other responsibilities waiting for you. Taking advantage of helpful hiring resources is the number one way you can resume your regular duties. Today we want to focus on Google for Jobs. If you want your […]

REPORT: Chicago Job Growth Reaches 25-Year High


Chicago is one of the most prominent cities that is leaving their recession woes behind. Since the late 2000s, many regions have struggled with the consequences of the Great Recession. But our city is bouncing back in a big way. Although some metropolitan areas are still in recovery, Chicago is seeing a job growth high […]

Is the Boomerang Employee Right for Your Company?


Employees leave for a variety of reasons, and not always on poor terms. The surge of boomerang employees, workers that return to companies where they were previously employed, shows ways supervisors can take advantage of trends in the industry. Someone with ready knowledge about the company’s inner workings can be an asset, or a detriment, […]

Boring Job Descriptions Lead to Boring Job Candidates


Company culture can be a mark of pride for an organization that strives to be different and meet the expectations of the staff and their clients. If you’ve got a corporate environment you’re proud of and are vying to cultivate a certain image, you want to make sure you’re drawing in people that fit the […]

Red Flags to Avoid in the Hiring Process


Often when you’re interviewing candidates for a position, it can be difficult to tell which worker will be the best fit. From reviewing resumes to sending out an offer, the process can be difficult to manage. How do you know who is going to work smart and be a valuable asset to your company all […]

You Made a Bad Hire (It Happens) – Now What?


When you’re in a rush to acquire talent for your company, it can be easy to overlook a candidate’s shortcomings during the interview. Sometimes professionals make a mistake – when you’re in a rush or even when you go through a thorough hiring process). What happens when your newest employee just won’t cut it? What’s […]