6 Questions Every Manager Should Ask in One-on-One Meetings


Regardless of how often they happen, one-on-one meetings between managers and their employees are essential for both participants.  Managers, this is your chance to find out whether your employees are thriving or falling behind, whether there’s a problem that needs to be addressed, or they have a great idea to help solve a nagging issue.  […]

The Importance of Employee Feedback


Employee Feedback

Wondering why you’re struggling with your team? The best thing you can do for your workforce is to communicate with them effectively. This includes transparent, constructive, quality feedback. Here’s how you can relay feedback to your workers, and why it’s crucial to successfully manage your team. Why? The way your employees feel is important to […]

STUDY: Managers are Ignoring Employee Feedback. This is the Way to Change!



Are you listening to your employees? A Leadership IQ survey of thousands of managers showed that supervisors often disregard valuable employee insight, which can directly damage employee engagement and retention. The best leaders know that two-way communication is vital to the success of any organization. Some of the best company ideas can come from your […]