3 Top Interview Questions Every Applicant Should Be Able To Answer


Preparing for an interview is a little like preparing for an important test in school: You can study and practice answers for the questions expected to be given in order to give yourself a better result.  Interviews can be somewhat predictable in that there are a few questions your potential employer is likely to ask. […]

5 Interview Habits You Should Start


If you’re in the process of looking for a new job, you’ve done all the regular prep work: Your resume has been updated and a few different versions have been created; you’ve written a few cover letters; you’ve made sure your references are ready to put in a good word on your behalf.  But have […]

Tips on Body Language for Your Next Job Interview


The big day is here: You have a big interview lined up with a job that sounds perfect for you! You’re nervous, of course, but also really excited. The outfit is picked out and prepared, you’ve practiced your answers and are as prepared as possible.  But have you considered your body language? So much of […]

Your Go-To Guide for Answering the Most Common Interview Questions


Congratulations! After sending out countless resumes and tweaking your cover letter a dozen or more times, you’ve landed an interview for a job. You’re excited about it and want to do a good job, so naturally, you’re practicing your smile in the mirror, picking out your interview outfit, and doing a little research on the […]

Why Confidence is Key in Any Interview


  Standing out to an employer requires more than an interesting resume. When you get the call for a job interview, you can get excited about conquering the first obstacle. However, the most important aspect of hiring to most managers is the interview. Whether you’re invited for a phone screen or a panel interview, confidence […]

Prepare for Your Phone Interview with These Tips


Job seekers that are new to a phone interview may have many misconceptions. There’s a lot of confusing information about interviews, and phone screens can mean even more mixed messages. We’re here to clear things up. Davis Staffing is here to provide the facts and dispel the rumors about phone interviews. Myth: Phone Interviews Aren’t […]

Virtual Hiring is Here to Stay: Get It Right With These Tips


virtual hiring

Due to the pandemic, the employers were forced to shift to virtual hiring. Virtual hiring typically entails all communication via email and phone communication, as well as video-conference interviews. This sometimes even extends to remote onboarding. It appears that the virtual hiring tactic is here to stay. Here’s how you can get it right. Consult […]

How to Display Your Skills in An Interview


How to display your skills in an interview

You may have all the skills needed for the position you’re interviewing for, but how can you back that up? The way you present yourself in an interview has to make a big impression. It’s your only opportunity to back up your resume and show that you can be an excellent addition to the team. But how […]

Resume Tips To Set You Up for Success 3/3: Keeping It Concise


Keeping Your Resume Concise

Are you still wondering how long your resume should be? One page or two, how many bullets under each job description? You may be tempted to pack your resume full of details and descriptions, but these days a candidate’s responsibility is to sum it up well. The employer simply skims your resume at first to […]

The Importance of Shortening Your Hiring Process


Shortening Your Hiring Process

Think about the relationship between an employer and a job seeker. You both need something, and you both have something to offer. After an application and an interview, take a look at things through a candidate’s perspective. More often than not, they are left hanging. We know that hiring can be complicated, but there are […]