5 Red Flags to Look for in an Interview



Finding great candidates in the greater Chicago area can be tough. Most of the best workers already have jobs. If you find yourself short-handed during any part of the year, especially your busy season, it can be almost impossible to keep up. Industrial and manufacturing staffing can be informal, but if you’re aiming to hire […]

What Information Leads to the Best References?



Picture this: you finally get a call from a recruiter after your interview. You waited weeks to hear back, and you’ve been patiently waiting for your phone to ring. You pick up the phone, and the caller has to inform you that you didn’t get the job. You hang up and all you can think […]

A Job Search Guide You Can Trust in 2019



Ask your colleagues how they got their current job, and you’re bound to hear a few different answers. The options are unlimited these days – a friend or family member, Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, or a number of different job sites. Even the classifieds can still do the trick for some. But are you embarking on […]

Have Qualifications But Lack Experience? Here’s How You Can Get Hired


The most frustrating part of the job search is the ever-present contradiction in hiring: you need the experience to get the job, but you can’t get a job without experience. It may seem like every entry-level position requires five years of paid work in the industry even if you’ve got the right credentials. So how […]

3 Tips to Next-Level Interviewing



Are you tired of hunting for the right position? Have you been invited to lots of first interviews, but you’ve never gotten the call? You need to improve your interview strategy. Job searching is always more successful when you are a next-level interviewee. We’re here to give you our top three tips on next-level interviewing. […]

Here Are the Acceptable Reasons to Reschedule a Job Interview


If you’ve scheduled an interview, take it as a serious commitment. Any interview is a positive opportunity to show your skills and make a great impression on a hiring manager. But what happens when you can’t make it? It can be frustrating on both sides to set up an important meeting and have to cancel. […]

What’s Appropriate from Job Candidates When It Comes to Emotions?


The job hunt can be brutal even for the most qualified candidate. Spending your days pumping out job applications, filling out the same information over and over again, hoping you get the call for an interview. You dress to impress, boast about your accomplishments, and then you get bad news. And the process repeats. It’s […]

What Questions Will You Be Asked in a Manufacturing Interview?


Congratulations, you’ve got the interview! When you’re looking for a job in manufacturing, it’s important to come prepared. Here are a few frequently asked questions you may be prompted with. Are you a team player? Hiring managers want to know you can take direction, cooperate, and follow through on a project. If they ask how […]

What Should YOU Ask the Hiring Manager?


Getting the interview feels like an accomplishment and it should – you’ve got your foot in the door! But it’s only the beginning, and it’s easy to get flustered in a high-pressure situation. Avoid feeling overwhelmed, and brush up on the company before you get in the door. Feeling confident comes from knowing what to […]

Stand Out by Saying “Thank You” This Way


When the job interview is over, it’s hard to sit and be patient. The waiting can put distance between you and your goal, and there’s a simple way to fill this gap and maximize your chances: A proper thank you. Your note should be concise, considerate, and characteristic. Here are four tips on how to make […]