Simple Steps to Your Next Job.

At Davis Staffing, we don’t think applying for a job should be more work than…well…working. That’s why we keep it simple. Our process is designed to quickly collect the information we need to make the right match and get you to work.


Apply online. Your application will be reviewed and we’ll let you know if we need any additional information. Once we have everything we need (and assuming you have a strong work ethic and meet our requirements) we’ll invite you for an interview. You may even be interviewed when you apply if we have an immediate opportunity.

The Interview

One of our recruiters will conduct a one-on-one interview to discuss your interests, experience, career goals and work preferences. We’ll review your work history and discuss assignments or current positions that may right for you. Please Bring:

  • Your resume
  • References from your past employers (including contact info)
  • Copies of any certifications or licenses
  • Any educational documents (HS Diploma/GED, transcripts, degree, etc.)


You’ll complete one or more assessments, depending upon your skill set, interests and positions you are interested in.


Once you are hired, you’ll complete the required federal and state tax forms and the I-9 form. Bring documentation that establishes both identity and employment authorization (contact us for a list of acceptable documents). You’ll receive orientation outlining our requirements and an assignment slip detailing the job prior to assignment if selected for a position.

Paperwork and Documents

Your file will be evaluated once more ensuring all paperwork has been completed.

Reference Checks / Drug Screen

We verify dates of employment and work performance with previous employers. Because Davis Staffing is a drug-free workplace, we conduct pre- and re-employment drug screens right in our office, when applicable.

Timesheets and Payroll

Timesheets will be provided for you to track your working hours. You will be paid weekly by your choice of direct deposit or cash card. The quickest and most efficient method of receiving your pay is direct deposit. Contact your supervisor for any additional questions you may have concerning timesheets and payroll.


Sound good? Search our jobs or learn more about our benefits and working for Davis Staffing.