Red Flags to Look for in a Job Description


Oh, the complications of searching for a new job in 2021. The current job market is a challenge for employers but especially for job seekers. Standards are changing from week to week, and with some aspects of work still being conducted remotely, it can really be hard to get a “feel” for what you’re walking […]

7 In-Demand Light Industrial Jobs within Reach


Looking for a new role? Seeking a transition into a different industry? Check out Davis Staffing’s top seven light industrial jobs that may be just right for you. 1. Machine Operator One of the biggest demands in the light industrial arena is the machine operator – this role is essential to a successful operation. Take […]

Top Safety Tips for Every Machine Operator


top safety tips

When you work with heavy machinery, safety comes first. You know that working with this equipment is not nearly as simple as it may seem, and it’s your responsibility to operate these machines to the best of your ability. Consider these safety tips as a machine operator. Professionals Only Make sure, above all else, that […]

Hard Truths About Moving Up the Ladder at Work


  Looking to move up the ladder at work? Make sure you are aware of the hard truths about a career escalation. If you’ve recently taken a promotion or are considering your next step, here’s what you need to keep in mind.   Co-Workers Don’t Have to Be Friends You’ll learn, hopefully not the hard […]

8 Questions You Should be Asking Employers Post-COVID


Searching for a job in this market presents new challenges. If you’re looking for ways to navigate this new terrain, our tips will help. These are the questions that candidates should be asking every employer they are interviewing with during the pandemic. 1. Interview Sequencing Is this the first of a few interviews? Knowing their […]

Cost-Effective Ways To Show Your Workforce That You’re Thankful For Them


You depend on your employees to support your efforts and the company’s mission. But sometimes, your staff needs more than a paycheck. A show of appreciation goes a long way, and it’s up to you as a manager to help your team feel supported. Your leadership can help team morale and productivity, so we’re here […]

The Keys to a Targeted Hiring Strategy


As a hiring manager, you may struggle with the best way to recruit top talent. Navigating the hiring process can be challenging during normal times. Now that we are in a public health crisis, it is even easier to find that recruiting slips to the bottom of your to-do list, or you can’t find qualified […]

Wake Up Every Morning Excited to Go to Work!


Work Excitement

The monotony of work can sometimes lead us to resent going to work some days. In times like these, it can be incredibly challenging to stay focused, especially if you’re under increased pressure during the coronavirus outbreak. This is how you can become excited to go to work every day! Fuel Your Determination Many workers […]

The Fundamentals of a Leader 3/3: Listening


Listening and leadership

Listening is essential when it comes to leadership, but might often be overlooked. For Davis Staffing’s leadership series, it’s time to wrap up with the third and final important aspect of leadership: listening. This is the importance of listening as a leader and how you can do better.  Active Listening  To assert yourself as a master manager, […]

Is Your New Job Not What You Expected? This is What You Can Do


New job not what you expected

Sometimes you start a new job, and it is nothing that you expected it would be. You can feel like this for a number of reasons: perhaps you imagine you’re in too deep, or you feel the job isn’t what you signed up for. Perhaps you’ve walked into a toxic work environment, or the leadership is inadequate […]