Hiring in 2022


The Great Resignation might be fading, but some concepts it brought to light will remain priorities for workers for the foreseeable future. Employees want to maintain a better work-life balance and that means an interest in remote or hybrid working, flexible schedules and working at a place where they feel valued and paid what they’re worth. 

As people begin to look for jobs again, and ones that meet their values, it’s time for hiring managers to consider their recruiting strategy and make sure it aligns with what workers want. 

Here’s how to make a shift: 

  • Draw good attention to your name.  It’s important to know your company’s reputation and understand how it appears online. What’s your social media presence? Is your company associated with positive impressions or negative ones? Do current and previous employees speak highly of your work environment or have they raised red flags online that might deter potential applicants? You want to do all you can to improve and solidify a good reputation online as so many people start their job search on social media and web-based job boards. Your social media presence should make people curious about working there, with images of people doing cool things but also looking happy. A positive impression starts before the application is submitted; a negative impression means the application goes to another company instead. 
  • Embrace diversity. The past few years have been tumultuous for reasons other than the pandemic. Show that your company wants to be a driver for unity, understanding and acceptance. Make sure your web presence includes a variety of faces and people from different backgrounds, that this is a place where everyone is welcome and where diversity is celebrated. Your company should reflect your larger community — and that starts by hiring people who do the same. 
  • Review your job descriptions. Established companies might be relying on job descriptions written decades ago. Not only has technology changed, there’s an awareness of limiting language that might be discouraging some people from applying. While this isn’t your intent, it’s still a problem to be addressed. Make sure the descriptions of open jobs accurately reflect the job’s responsibilities and expectations, but also look for anything that suggests people of certain ages, or with certain abilities, are preferred candidates over people who might have more or less experience (as measured by candles on a birthday cake) or who might have physical limitations. 
  • Embrace automation.  Something that might hurt your reputation without realizing it is the time it takes to hire someone. Automation can help! By using digital recruiting tools to scan applications and resumes that are submitted for each job, pulling out only those applications that meet certain keywords and phrases that match what you’re really looking for in a candidate. This means you’re given highly qualified people to consider for interviews, already speeding the process. Further, there are tools that can auto-generate invitations for interviews among candidates that meet your qualifications, cross-referencing your calendar to make sure you’re available for the meeting at a time selected by the candidate. It’s also possible to automate follow-up emails to these candidates, thanking them for their time and letting them know next steps — all of this can be set up at the beginning of the recruitment process and will be carried out without additional effort from you until the position is filled. You can also create automated emails with job alerts for interested people as new positions open up! 


It might be difficult to find quality candidates now, but people are still looking for work and the Great Rehire might be closer than you think. Make sure your company is poised and ready to go when candidates start looking by putting your best foot forward online and creating a positive, supportive environment when candidates walk-in for their interview. 

If you’re looking to bring on a few people in the meantime, call Davis Staffing. We have excellent candidates who are skilled and eager to work and we’re ready to introduce you. Call Davis Staffing today and let’s get started!