Leadership Styles that Don’t Inspire Your Team


As a professional in a leadership position, you know how important it is to set firm but attainable standards for your entire staff. You can read every leadership book on the shelf, but nothing prepares you to oversee a team like entering the fray on your first day. Whether you’re new to a leadership role […]

What Happens When You Are a Millennial and Manage Millennials?



Congratulations: you’ve landed an impressive leadership role. You’re qualified to run the team, but if you’re lacking experience you may need a tip or two. As a millennial, it can be difficult to get the respect you deserve — especially if you have to manage fellow millennials. To succeed in a leadership position where you […]

These Are the Areas the Best Staffing Agencies Focus on to Find You a Job



There are a lot of misconceptions out there about staffing agencies. Have you heard that they don’t care about you or the jobs they’re filling? That staffing agencies aren’t attentive and focus on their own process? It’s just not true. Staffing agencies feature some of the most attentive agents working to select the right candidate […]

Networking Success in 2018 Requires Just One Commitment


‘Tis the season to reflect on 2017 and think about what changes you need to make. Whether you’re on the job hunt or your career is taking off, every professional takes inventory of their past accomplishments to help their future performance. A good examination of your year can help you focus on what’s really going […]

Five Signs Your Call Center Employee is Ready for Management



Running a call center is challenging on every level: managing customer service, hiring reliable staff members, and resolving conflicts can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to delegate. One of the best ways to effectively manage your responsibilities as a leader is to detect talent within your ranks. Take a […]

Are You Being Rude to Job Candidates?



Hiring new staff probably isn’t your only responsibility: you’ve got paperwork to finish, tasks to complete, and meetings to lead. There’s so much on your plate that it can seem impossible to prioritize the hiring process. You might be tempted to ignore responses and postpone action items because the journey to getting a talented candidate […]

Davis Staffing Receives Safety Standard of Excellence Mark



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Davis Staffing Inc. Earns Safety Standard of ExcellenceSM Mark From the American Staffing Association Program Aims to Reduce Temporary and Contract Worker Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities CHICAGO (Sept. 1, 2017) — Davis Staffing recently earned the Safety Standard of ExcellenceSM Mark.  The Safety Standard of Excellence program, developed by the American Staffing Association […]

These Small Changes Will Improve Your Confidence in a High-Pressure Situation


Being more confident in your career will make you more confident in every aspect of your life. When you’re working toward a tight deadline, or feeling the pressure of a massive project, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Even the best in the business struggle with time management or work overload. The difference is, […]

In a Candidate Market, Staffing Agencies Help Your Company Find Talent


Although we’re still feeling the impact, the Great Recession is over. Gone are the days of qualified candidates available by the dozen. These days, it can take weeks to find someone that’s right for the job. Many industries, such as construction and office clerical work, have been hit hard by the lack of talent. To […]

5 Workplace Hazards to Watch For


Employees are at risk, even in the tamest of office settings. It can seem easy to write off something like wrist pain or stray office equipment, but you have a responsibility to your workers. A great leader ensures that their employees are safe and comfortable when they arrive each day. Company environment can make or […]