Are You Offering What Job Seekers Are Looking For?


Do you have what job seekers are looking for

Are you experiencing turnover? Are you struggling to attract the right worker? If you’re not offering anything that actual job seekers are looking for, you are not going to get any potential candidates. We’re here to help you change your perspective and make the moves you need to recruit effectively and fill out your team.  Transparency  […]

Confidence in Speaking: 3 Tips to Get You There



If you struggle with public speaking, you’re not alone. Many professionals have experienced nerves when it’s time to make a speech. Standing in front of your audience, you suddenly feel doubt creeping in. The telltale signs of stress emerge. Your face feels warm, you get flustered and sweaty and shaky, and your words come tumbling […]

What Does a Successful Onboarding Process NOT Focus On?


In a leadership role, it can be difficult to balance your onboarding process. New employees need immediate guidance, and helping them hit their stride should be a priority. It can be tempting to dwell on meet-and-greets and reviewing the orientation packet. However, we’re here to share the best ways to acclimate your new staff members. […]

How Do Job Candidates Interpret Every Touch Point with Your Staffing Agency?



To stand out in the staffing industry, you need to show your clients you care. Job candidates are looking for expert advice and professional networking opportunities. Candidates often have a hard time standing out in their field and need to connect with a staffing agency to set themselves apart. That’s why Davis Staffing specializes in […]

Should You Take Notes in the Job Interview?



As a talented candidate, you know what it takes to land a great interview opportunity. But how can you maximize your opportunity to impress a potential employer? It’s vital to make a terrific first impression and to absorb as much information as possible. If you’ve got multiple interviews with different organizations or follow-up meetings for […]

How to Know You Aren’t Going to Get the Job



The job hunt can be exhausting. After dozens of applications and several interviews, you have to sell yourself in order to prove you’re the right choice to an employer. When you’re feeling confident, it can be hard to imagine that your job search might result in a rejection. Even if you have the skills, experience, […]

In a Candidate Market, Staffing Agencies Help Your Company Find Talent


Although we’re still feeling the impact, the Great Recession is over. Gone are the days of qualified candidates available by the dozen. These days, it can take weeks to find someone that’s right for the job. Many industries, such as construction and office clerical work, have been hit hard by the lack of talent. To […]

Can You Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds?


So you’ve been granted a minute or less to sell yourself as a terrific job candidate. How do you guarantee yourself a position – or at least, an interview? When networking with professionals in your field, you never know what opportunities will become available to you. If you’re looking to expand your career horizons, you […]

What Do You Offer Skilled Employees Who Aren’t Happy in Their Job?


You see your employees every day, and you can tell when something’s not right. If your company is going through some changes or seeing a change in workflow, a great leader can evaluate what negatively impacts his/her team. Whether it’s tough clients, organizational shifts, or tension among staff, you have to be ready to handle […]

Are You Underdressed for the Industrial Job Interview?


Do you have a great opportunity lined up, but you’re not sure how to project your best self? First impressions can be vital when you’re on the job hunt, so it’s important not to miss the mark. Often in the industrial arena, it can be difficult to evaluate how to present yourself. In a job that […]