If you’re struggling with low performers or turnover, you may be tempted to identify some top performers in your industry. But how do you hire those great candidates? You may be looking at a shallow applicant pool and wondering where the talent is. It’s possible you’re not attracting them! Here are five ways you can get their attention:

1. Find Your Fit

To analyze what you want to see in future employees, take a good look at your existing crew. What traits do your current top performers possess? If you want to make sure your new hire succeeds in a role, make sure they display those attributes too.


2. Update Your Job Posting

Employers aren’t in the habit of carefully crafting a job description: to some, it’s an afterthought, something at the bottom of a manager’s to-do list. However, that approach to hiring gets you poor candidates and high turnover rates. If you’re frustrated with your applicant pool, it’s possible that your job posting isn’t clear and descriptive. Talk more about your company than what you’re looking for. If you can describe the working environment, you’ll appeal to a higher-level applicant.


3. Identify Important Skills

Re-framing your approach to reviewing applicants can help you land better talent. Your job posting may be asking for crucial hard skills, but it’s also important to think about what soft skills you’d like to see. Your interview is where you can learn more about what soft skills a candidate has, like problem-solving and critical thinking.


4. Interview Effectively

Asking basic questions during an interview gets you basic employees. If you want to be impressed with a worker, evaluate your candidates more effectively. Try a behavioral interview method and prompt interviewees to respond with multiple examples to really gauge their abilities. This is a great way to break up an interview if your applicant sounds over-rehearsed and provides canned answers. Asking for a few ideas can make room for more creative responses.


5. Compensate Appropriately

The biggest way to solidify an effective team full of talented hires is to pay your workers a competitive wage. A majority of turnover is directly related to low paying positions. It’s also not just about salary – it’s about the whole package. Benefits, insurance, and PTO are important to today’s workers. Top talent won’t settle for unfair pay.


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