Your working day might be longer than the typical eight hours, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to accomplish everything — especially when you need to hire a new employee. That entails posting the job description, going through resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, calling references, all of which are time-consuming and add to your already full to-do list. 

Here’s where a recruiting firm (like Davis Staffing) can help save you time — and money — and speed the process. 

  • We find people who aren’t looking. Recruiters and staffing companies can utilize tools, like artificial intelligence software, to scour social media, LinkedIn profiles and other online platforms to find highly qualified candidates who aren’t even looking for a new job. We can contact them on your behalf in a very low-pressure conversation, share information about the position and see where things go. People who aren’t actively looking to leave can often be hired away based on excitement alone, a stark contrast from people who are actively looking to find something new and have animosity against their current employer, or those who have been out of work for a while and have become nervous about new opportunities. 
  • We’ll go through resumes for you. Instead of having to wade through dozens or hundreds of resumes and applications, recruiting firms will sort through them, passing along only the most qualified candidates that best fit your requirements and wish list for future employees. When we pass those candidates on to you, we’re confident — and you can be too– that any one of them would be a great match. 
  • Fewer costs are incurred up front. If you’re looking for a temporary worker, or someone who might come on for a temporary assignment but later be hired permanently, working with a recruiting agency means you don’t have to include benefits in that person’s salary. Some temporary employees are ineligible for things like paid time off as well, meaning there are no other costs that would normally be baked into the up-front pay and benefits package offered to a full-time permanent employee on day one. Additionally, hiring someone to fill a position — either temporary or permanent — can speed the whole process, meaning the position is not open as long as it would’ve been otherwise, so your company’s productivity isn’t decreased due to an opening. 
  • It benefits us to see you succeed. Recruiters and staffing firms earn their reputation and their money by successfully placing candidates with our clients. If you’re not happy with the job we’re doing, we don’t get paid. Our reputation is on the line each and every time we step up to find a great employee for a company. If we let you down, you let us go. We work continuously to make you happy and bring you great clients, so we’re always dedicated to meeting and exceeding your needs. 


You need people but you don’t have the time to find them. We’re standing by waiting and ready to do just that. 

If you’re in a pinch to find a great new employee, why not give Davis Staffing a try? We’re standing by ready to provide a detailed overview of the services we offer and how we can help. Contact Davis Staffing today and we’ll do our best to impress.