traditional recruiting over

COVID has completely changed how talent acquisition works. When you’re looking for new workers, it can be completely overwhelming to comb through resumes. Assessing applicants is more difficult than ever when many candidates are in a transitory state or may have developing remote work needs throughout the workweek. Here are the trends you can expect moving forward.

The New Workplace

Technology is driving the workplace right now without question. Email and video meetings are the primary forms of professional communication, and it’s essential you can manage your team effectively using these tools. Your hiring process will need to reflect this, as well. If you can interview and onboard as productively via Webex or Zoom as you can in person, it’s time to get up to speed or outsource the process.

Company Values

Ethical leadership is more than a trend, it’s increasingly important to both clients and employees to believe deeply in the mission and vision of the company. You can recruit more effectively if you make your company’s perspective clear to your entire audience. Company culture is incredibly important to the modern job candidate, as more and more workers find themselves struggling with toxic work environments or an overload of responsibilities. Communicating your message effectively to be upfront with your prospective employees. If you value an ambitious worker, don’t hide it. If you can be flexible and adapt to a worker’s needs, make it clear on your website as applicants gather more information.

More Purposeful Hiring

Too many managers include hiring toward the bottom of their to-do list. Think of it this way – when no one’s priority is effective hiring, how do you expect to bring in top talent in an expedited fashion? Fit is everything for companies that want to avoid turnover and maintain a positive reputation. Expecting certain employee attributes rather than checking off job duties can help you create a more intentional candidate search. As a hiring manager, you will see increasing importance on the work needed for each project, as opposed to a specific role in an ongoing capacity.

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