Hiring new people is a big process that takes up a lot of your precious time. You have other things you’d rather be doing — other things that need your attention — and now you have to add reviewing resumes and setting up interviews to your ever-growing to-do list. 

Except maybe you don’t. If you need to hire a new employee or several new employees, you might want to consider reaching out and partnering with a staffing firm like Davis Staffing

If you think staffing firms just complicate matters or don’t really work, it’s time to think again! 

Here are three myths about staffing firms you’ll need to reconsider once you know the truth. 

  • Staffing firms only provide temporary workers. If you think you can’t partner with a staffing firm because you need permanent, full-time employees, you’re mistaken. Staffing firms, like Davis Staffing, provide all kinds of employees! If you need someone to fill in for someone’s leave or a long-term illness, and you need a temporary employee, staffing firms can provide those. But at Davis Staffing, we can help you find qualified candidates for whatever type of job you have open: Permanent hires, full-time employees, part-time employees, temporary, seasonal, etc. If you’re still establishing your budget and workload for 2024 and aren’t sure if you need another permanent position just yet, we can also work with you to find someone in a temporary-to-permanent position, meaning the candidate will work with you for a designated length of time and, should their work be a good fit for your team and you decide you need someone permanently, they’ll be ready! 
  • Hiring through a staffing firm takes longer than doing it yourself.  At Davis Staffing, our priority is finding the right candidate for your company. When you partner with us, we will set about finding candidates with just the skills, training, experience and abilities you’re looking for. We have a team of experts who will sort candidate applications while also going through the resumes of the candidates we work with, looking to find someone who fits the bill. We can even conduct initial interviews to make sure the candidates we present are good fits for the job. You don’t have to do anything after giving us the job information; we’ll come to you with candidates we’ve pre-screened and you can take it from there. If anything, working with a staffing firm can speed the process of finding a new employee! 
  • Staffing firms are all the same, so what difference does it make? That’s a big misconception! Davis Staffing has a well-established reputation on providing our clients with a personal touch. Only Davis Staffing offers the Complete Candidate Match, a model that helps us find just the right candidate for our clients by utilizing a systematic approach to reviewing industry best practices, utilizing lessons learned from our experiences with clients and by relying on expert advice to provide solutions to all our clients’ needs. We apply the Complete Candidate Match system to all three hiring solution options we offer – temporary to hire, source to hire and direct hire – because every job opening deserves our best efforts to find the right candidate, whether it’s for a long-term or short-term arrangement. Davis Staffing provides a personal touch, with each client receiving dedicated support for their needs. Our commitment to deeply understanding the industries in which we work, taking the time to get to know our clients individually and maintaining the relationship after the need is fulfilled help set us apart from other firms because we believe you, and your team, deserve the best.

The staffing agencies of 2024 are not those of the past! We are highly focused and motivated to find just the right candidates for our clients, and we’re eager to help you find your next candidate. 

If you’re ready to learn more and have additional myths debunked, call Davis Staffing today and learn what we can do for you!