6 Ways You Can Bounce Back From a Layoff


bounce back after layoff

Have you recently been laid off during the pandemic or corporate restructuring? You’re not alone — millions have experienced this before and have to work to gain new employment. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips on how to get it done. 1. Take Stock Initially, you’ll want to determine where you’re at once you hear you’ve […]

Top Skills a Supervisor Should Have


Supervisor skills

What makes a supervisor? You may be in charge of thousands of employees, or maybe just a few. Managers have a different standard to meet. You have to go above and beyond when you’re in a leadership position. This may require learning new ways to guide your team and inspire success. We’re here to break […]

The Fundamentals of a Leader 3/3: Listening


Listening and leadership

Listening is essential when it comes to leadership, but might often be overlooked. For Davis Staffing’s leadership series, it’s time to wrap up with the third and final important aspect of leadership: listening. This is the importance of listening as a leader and how you can do better.  Active Listening  To assert yourself as a master manager, […]

Five Job Search Tips To Use In 2020


Job search tips

Whether you’re in an ever-changing industry like admin work or a traditional trade like construction, it’s vital to know how to cater to the hiring audience. Make your job search work for you by flipping the script and impressing a potential boss. With every passing year, a job search will start to vary a little. Follow […]

HR Tips: What To Include in New Employment Packets


When a candidate is offered employment by an organization and accepts, an informal type of legal contract is created. The employee is providing work to the employer and the worker is paid for his or her service. However, there are other issues in the workplace that expand on this concept. New employees need to be […]

Smart Hiring: Candidates Who are Unemployed vs. Employed but Looking


Even with the increase in available candidates due to higher than normal unemployment levels in many regions, recruiters still often have trouble finding the right person for each assignment. There are some clear benefits of hiring unemployed candidates over employed but looking (passive) candidates – mainly that unemployed people are readily available to start work. […]

Using LinkedIn to Get More Exposure for Your Job Posting


If you are an employer looking for the best candidates, LinkedIn is the perfect place to find great people to fill key positions. This powerful networking tool allows recruiters to post jobs in a user-friendly career section in just minutes. Additionally, LinkedIn can be used effectively for attracting top quality candidates who are both actively […]