hiring strategy

As a hiring manager, you may struggle with the best way to recruit top talent. Navigating the hiring process can be challenging during normal times. Now that we are in a public health crisis, it is even easier to find that recruiting slips to the bottom of your to-do list, or you can’t find qualified applicants. It’s time to begin a target hiring strategy that can get you what you need. These are all the things to consider when you are utilizing a targeted recruiting effort.

Your Ideal Candidate

Dream up the perfect worker so you can compare and contrast with a target in mind. Work with your team to establish exactly what your company will most benefit from. Are you creating a new position? Think about the type of professional that would meet the demands of the job. Filling an existing role? Identify strong traits of previous employees in that role, or desired traits you would need to see more of.

Quality Training

Hiring is not a quick fix, it’s an investment in your operational structure. Reframe your perspective to shift the importance of finding a great candidate that will fit well, develop skills, and become a strong team asset. Onboarding is an important juncture here as well — the difference between turnover and a tight team can be your initial training process.


What does your current process look like? Think about how that integrates with different hiring engines. If you want to attract fresh new tech hires, an ad in the paper might not yield the desired results.

Team Up with Davis

If you’re looking for a construction trade or a forklift operator, you’ll want a more specific approach. Consider teaming up with a temporary staffing firm, like Davis Staffing. Our experts source the best candidates in the Chicago area to pair them up with the perfect organization. Contact our team today to get started.