While it’s impossible to be all things to all people all the time, at Davis Staffing, we do our best to provide important information to our clients no matter the topic. 

We like to think of ourselves as experts in staffing needs and helping put great candidates into the right positions to help benefit our partner clients as much as employees, but there’s so much more to what we do! 

As an extension and expansion of your company’s HR department, we want to provide useful information and advice on a variety of topics to help ease the stress of complicated situations. When you partner with Davis Staffing, you not only get help accessing a deeper and wider pool of job candidates, you get a trusted and knowledgeable resource to help navigate the ever-changing world of management, and it’s all available for free on our blog! 

Among the topics we regularly explore in our blog for employers, you’ll find: 

HR law: As managers, you need to know when new laws and regulations are enacted in order to comply with them and avoid fines, inspections, audits and other time-consuming and unpleasant investigations. We regularly provide information on safety regulations and the importance of hazard training and review, along with labor law changes to overtime requirements and sensitive subjects like workplace bullying. Each year, we provide information on National Disability Employment Awareness Month, bringing you the focal point of the month and topics to consider sharing with your team to ensure compliance and accommodations for employees. 

Employee incentives: Managers have been looking for advice and support in keeping their top employees engaged and excited about work, fighting off trends like the so-called great resignation and quiet quitting. As budgets might need to tighten and everyone is asked to do a little more to help the company, employers are looking for ways to show appreciation and provide incentives to keep their team together and keep production on track. Whether it’s learning what makes employees tick and using that as a retention tool, understanding what today’s job seekers are really looking for in an offer and what they value in a workplace, even decoding why people are leaving and how to counteract it, Davis Staffing wants to help you build your retention rate and create a positive, thriving culture that respects work-life balance without sacrificing productivity. 

Hiring advice: We know it’s tough to find qualified candidates and top talent for your open positions. Sorting through resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews and then onboarding a new hire takes precious time out of your busy calendar. But Davis Staffing is here to help! We can help with all of it, from advice on updating job descriptions to make them more enticing and exciting to navigating questions of diversity and inclusion that your company might be working to improve. We provide advice on how to land top talent and the best ways of negotiating a compensation package that will make everyone happy, in addition to red flags to look for during the interview process to avoid making a hiring decision that will cost you in the long run. 


The bottom line: Whatever staffing help you need, whether it’s finding and hiring the right candidates or understanding the changing demands and expectations of labor laws and culture, Davis Staffing is here to help. We can provide assistance in whatever staffing and management challenges you might have and we’ll provide personalized service to meet your company’s exact needs thanks to our dedicated team of experts. 

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