We all know it’s an employee’s world right now, with companies trying to outdo each other in order to attract high-quality, talented employees. But is it possible your company isn’t doing all it can to attract the right kinds of applicants? 

It’s hard to know whether your company is doing all the right things when it comes to finding new candidates — especially when hiring someone is an additional task on top of all your normal responsibilities and duties. 

Here’s what you might be doing wrong, and how Davis Staffing might be just the ticket to improve the quality of the applications you receive. 


Overlooking the talent you already have. When you have an open position available, the best place to start looking for a strong candidate might be under your own roof. If you have talented employees who have expressed an interest in expanding their responsibilities and learning new skills, an open position might be just the ticket to retaining that employee instead of having them look elsewhere to advance their career. Hiring from within means you’re getting a known entity — you don’t have to worry about how the new person will mesh with your team because they all know each other and work well together! But don’t just stop there: When you open a new position, ask your team if they know anyone who might be a good fit, including their family, friends and former coworkers. A personal reference can go a long way toward bringing in strong candidates (and offering a kind of finder’s fee or bonus for a successful hire can be strong motivation to the employees too!). Hiring and promoting from within sends a loud and strong message to all your employees that there’s room for growth and support for internal progression — if you’re a hard worker, you, too, can be rewarded! 

The job description is dated or exclusionary. When was the last time you reviewed your job descriptions? How accurate is the list of responsibilities and tasks provided for each role? If you’re not sure, it’s time to review the language. You might realize that one open position is actually two jobs, or that some responsibilities would be better aligned under a different position. Is the description vague and hard to understand? Is it so long and bogged down with unnecessary details that people won’t read it all the way through? The language in the current description also might include some unintentionally exclusionary language, words and phrases that are outdated and might limit or discourage people from applying. It’s a good idea to have someone outside the hiring team review the language in a job description before posting it, to make sure it’s accurate but also to eliminate any harmful or limiting language. 

The company isn’t looking in the right places. It’s also possible you’re not getting the right kind of applicants because you’re not looking in the right places. Where do you post open positions: is it only on the company’s website? Are you utilizing online tools, like professional networking sites, social media, larger job boards and other places where people can have more access to information about your company? Long gone are the days where posting an open job ad in a single location is enough. You want to spread the word far and wide that this opportunity is available in order to cast the widest net and have your ad reached by the most people possible. Work with local recruiting firms, like Davis Staffing, to extend the circle in which you’re trying to attract candidates and see how many more responses are received. 

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Looking for new employees is always a challenge, but you want to attract talented, skilled potential employees who will be a good fit for your team while adding to the overall abilities of your team. Go beyond what you know and consider bringing in the pros: Staffing and recruiting firms like Davis Staffing specialize in finding great candidates for our clients. We focus on matching great candidates with our clients’ open positions – that’s all we do. Working with Davis Staffing means you’ll have a dedicated team that will review the resumes of candidates we already work with to see if someone meets the needs and priorities you’ve given us. We can conduct initial interviews to separate out candidates who don’t quite measure up, allowing us to bring you a short list of quality candidates who can hit the ground running right away. 

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