Understanding the Living to Work vs. Working to Live Mentality


There are some people who live to work: They are motivated by professional and personal success; they are upwardly mobile and want to keep advancing in their career until they reach the top of their respective industry. They want to be monetarily rewarded for their efforts while also earning the respect of their managers and […]

Want To Help Your Employee Advance In Their Careers? Here Are 5 Ways You Can Contribute


A plant that outgrows its container will eventually wilt.  The same is true for employees: If they feel like they don’t have room to grow in their current job, they’ll face the choice of either staying where they are, with their skills withering from lack of growth, or they’ll break out and leave to go […]

How To Move Up In Your Company


Gone are the days where people start a job right out of college, or high school, and stay in the position or with the company until it’s time to retire.  Some people are more goal-oriented and look to advance their career, moving up the corporate ladder and reach for higher titles — and pay! — […]

How to Respond When Employees Make a Mistake


As much as we try to be diligent and careful and do our jobs flawlessly, sometimes people make mistakes. Unfortunately, that includes your employees.  If an employee comes to you and admits they’ve made a mistake, or you find an error in their work, remember it’s not the end of the world. It’s a learning […]

Transferable Skills: How to Define Them and Use Them to Your Advantage


Did you know you have a wider variety of skills than you realize? And that your current job might be excellent preparation for a different job, in another field?  Thanks to transferable skills, the abilities you gain from working and training can be applied to jobs different from what you’re currently doing.  What are transferable […]

5 Podcasts Every Person in Leadership Should Listen to


5 podcasts

A popular trend in the past ten years has been listening to experts share insight and communicate – podcasts! If you haven’t jumped in already, it’s a must for any management professional. Are you in leadership? These are the podcasts you should be listening to. 1. Coaching for Leaders First on our list is Dan […]

The Influence of Women in Leadership


Influence of women in leadership

In a male-dominated economy, misogyny can grow and damage the best corporations from the ground up. Don’t let your company fall victim to a lack of diversity. Hiring women in leadership roles is crucial for a business to demonstrate empowered philosophies and balanced insight. Here’s why you need females at the top of your corporate […]

The Fundamentals of a Leader 3/3: Listening


Listening and leadership

Listening is essential when it comes to leadership, but might often be overlooked. For Davis Staffing’s leadership series, it’s time to wrap up with the third and final important aspect of leadership: listening. This is the importance of listening as a leader and how you can do better.  Active Listening  To assert yourself as a master manager, […]

The Fundamentals of a Leader 1/3: They Lead!


Fundamentals of a leader

Leaders are made up of various qualities, but their main one may be pretty obvious – they lead! We’re stripping away the fluff and getting down to brass tacks in Davis Staffing’s series on leadership fundamentals. For part one, we’re discussing the best ways you can inspire your team. This is how they do so […]

4 Tips to Lead Your Team in 2017


Whether you are struggling to motivate an apathetic workforce or launch great performers to the next level, leadership is defined by taking initiative and bringing out the best in your team. As we enter 2017, seize the opportunity to start fresh. Rather than trying to encourage employees from behind your office door, join them on […]