The only thing more nerve wracking than needing to post an open position is getting candidates that don’t meet your expectations or needs. 

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to attract not only higher quality candidates, but more of them! 


Here are four ideas that can help you bring in more candidates to your jobs. 


  • Make the application process easy and quick. People will leave an application if they feel they’re spending too much time on it. If you’re utilizing a website or social media platform for accepting applications or resumes, and the candidates need to also re-input the information on the website, it will not go well. Make it an efficient use of a candidate’s time and do your best to eliminate redundancies. 
  • Be up-front about salary. In some states, it’s mandatory for salary ranges to be included on job postings. People are more inclined to apply for a job if they know right away whether it meets or exceeds their hopes for a new position. It saves them the frustration of going through an application and interview process only to find a new position would be a pay cut or would not provide a sufficient income for their needs. While you’re at it, if it’s within your budget, try offering a signing bonus as well for added incentive. 
  • Freshen up your website. If someone from outside your company takes a look at your website, what kind of impression will they have? Will they think this is a fun, lively, supportive place to work? Is it welcoming for people of various backgrounds? Or does it look kind of bland, boring and maybe outdated? Send a little time freshening up your website, making it represent the kind of work place you’d like to join if you were a new candidate. Showcase your diversity, include information on any volunteer or outreach efforts, show your employees having a good time and getting along well together. Make sure your career information page is updated and detailed with good information on not just good details about the jobs available but some statistics about your company–who’s your longest tenured employee? Add a few testimonials from current employees about why they like their job. 
  • Rewrite your job descriptions. When’s the last time you really looked at what each position says and how the position is described? It might be worth a refresh and some updating: Steer clear of any language that implies or indicates any kind of preference for gender, ethnicity, ability level or anything else that might be discriminatory. Make it short and sweet, with an outline of tasks and ideal qualifications and an explanation of what the person will be doing. Make it enticing — make it sound like a job you’d apply to if you were looking for a new career. 


Candidates will spend hours scouring job postings to find something that looks interesting to them and that aligns with their skills, interests and values. It takes a little effort but the returns will be well worth it. 

If you’re in a pinch to fill positions quickly, consider contacting Davis Staffing! Our team is standing by and ready to help find qualified candidates who are ready to get to work right away. We can match you with a handful of candidates and you’ll find your new hire quickly! Contact Davis Staffing today and let’s get started.