Prepare for a Productive 2022 for Your Workforce Using These 5 Tips


  We have a brand new year on the horizon. That usually means new year’s resolutions for any and all goals, from eating more healthy foods and saving money to reading more books. Why can’t it mean setting goals for your workforce too? As a leader, you can help set the tone for your team […]

Managing During The Holiday Season: Productivity Hacks for Your Employees


It’s the holiday season already! How did that happen so quickly? As the year draws to a close, it’s time for end-of-year reports, wrapping up projects, hitting deadlines. To your employees, it means so many distractions that it can be nearly impossible to concentrate. Here’s how to keep your employees focused and productive during the […]

5 Budget-Friendly Ways To Give Back To Your Employees This Holiday Season


Hard to believe we’re in the last few months of 2021! While this year wasn’t quite as hard and messy as 2020, it’s still been challenging for businesses and employees alike. The end of the year is an excellent time to pause and thank your employees for their hard work, dedication, and for showing up […]

4 Ways You Can Help Upskill Your Employees This Year


A valuable workforce is not only a pleasure to coach, it can also help your own productivity. The more you can trust your team to manage their workload and even delegate to, the more you can get done. A productive staff can boost effective management. Here’s how you can upskill your current workers to help […]

5 Ways To Keep Company Culture Up During the Holidays


The 2020 Holiday Season: A new benchmark in difficult leadership. While you may have effectively trained your team in video conferencing, keeping them satisfied in their roles is the next-level challenge. Maintaining a positive environment in an increasingly virtual workplace is the next great obstacle. Try these strategies to keep morale up during the holidays. […]

Cost-Effective Ways To Show Your Workforce That You’re Thankful For Them


You depend on your employees to support your efforts and the company’s mission. But sometimes, your staff needs more than a paycheck. A show of appreciation goes a long way, and it’s up to you as a manager to help your team feel supported. Your leadership can help team morale and productivity, so we’re here […]

The Importance of Employee Feedback


Employee Feedback

Wondering why you’re struggling with your team? The best thing you can do for your workforce is to communicate with them effectively. This includes transparent, constructive, quality feedback. Here’s how you can relay feedback to your workers, and why it’s crucial to successfully manage your team. Why? The way your employees feel is important to […]

Top Skills a Supervisor Should Have


Supervisor skills

What makes a supervisor? You may be in charge of thousands of employees, or maybe just a few. Managers have a different standard to meet. You have to go above and beyond when you’re in a leadership position. This may require learning new ways to guide your team and inspire success. We’re here to break […]

How Should You Be Managing Temporary or Contract Employees?


Managing Temporary or Contract Employees

Hiring with your back against the wall is a dangerous practice. You’ll be reckless during interviews and desperate to get someone started in a hurry. This comes with consequences. Often hiring once you are already short-staffed can lead to poor retention and poor fit. Your team relies on effective cooperation, so accurate hiring and team […]