Employee Feedback


Wondering why you’re struggling with your team? The best thing you can do for your workforce is to communicate with them effectively. This includes transparent, constructive, quality feedback. Here’s how you can relay feedback to your workers, and why it’s crucial to successfully manage your team.


The way your employees feel is important to the health of your business. If you can’t develop individual bonds and trust between you and your workers, they won’t feel comfortable reporting back to you. This means if something goes wrong, your staff member is more likely to sweep it under the rug than report it to you.

Additionally, contrary to what you might think, providing employee feedback can build confidence. Remember, as a supervisor, employee feedback isn’t limited to criticism. You should capture opportunities to provide positive feedback as well to reaffirm the great work completed by your staff member.

Be Prompt

Moving quickly is important for employee feedback. Letting an issue sit and fester can leave you dwelling on the subject, and the employee will be blindsided if you wait a month to critique something. An immediate discussion is a great idea to address something fully, wherever possible.

Set The Stage

More important than speed is accurate timing and location. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of criticism in public, you know how misplaced and embarrassing it can be. No one likes to feel scolded. To set the stage, tell your employee that you’d like to set aside some time to catch up with them, just the two of you in a neutral setting when possible.


During day to day interactions, think about the way you phrase your insight. A response of “That’s not how you’re supposed to do it” is counterproductive and won’t help your employee grow and learn. Take a different approach and make suggestions rather than commands. You don’t want a complacent worker or one that feels attacked. There’s a way you can be firm and direct without being rude or aggressive. Use specific, action-oriented feedback. If you’ve observed a specific issue, use an example, and talk about how that impacts the bigger picture. A disengaged worker might think their mistake doesn’t matter, but you can show them how it affects the team and makes a change in a positive direction.

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