Supervisor skills


What makes a supervisor? You may be in charge of thousands of employees, or maybe just a few. Managers have a different standard to meet. You have to go above and beyond when you’re in a leadership position. This may require learning new ways to guide your team and inspire success. We’re here to break down the skills most successful supervisors have.

Establish Clear Goals and Expectations

Employees want to feel helpful and productive. If they don’t have specific measures of how to achieve that, they will struggle. To encourage efficiency and keep morale high, you need to show employees what they are working toward. That’s why it’s crucial to show each of your workers their expected tasks, plus a manageable timeframe for them to achieve their work. Define the important aspects of their position – is punctuality a non-negotiable? Regular meetings to discuss performance? You make the rules, but be sure they are agreeable to your team as well. You can provide valuable insight and create a rapport, but you are not being paid to be friends.

Providing Satisfactory Feedback

Appreciation is a key skill you need to adopt to show strength in your leadership abilities. A boss that refrains from giving out praise can be seen as standoffish, ignorant, and insulting. Show your people you

value them by awarding them appreciation for their accomplishments. Ask your employees how they react best and internalize constructive criticism. Some will ask for private meetings, others need

Managing Conflict

It’s unavoidable – leaders need to prevent and mitigate conflict at work. If you’re not adept at this, you’ll need to develop the skills to be an effective mediator. Investigate the situation by hearing out both sides of the story separately, and be decisive about what action needs to be taken. A strong supervisor can implement a plan to prevent this kind of conflict in the future as well.

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