Managing Generational Diversity in the Workplace


managing generational diversity

With a job force filled with various generations, you have to adjust your management style to appear to different age structures. Our modern workplaces demand an understanding that there will be a multitude of different people with different perspectives. From young new hires to veterans in the field, here’s how you can do it!   Effective Feedback  […]

Tips for Ensuring Successful Performance Evaluations Part 1


Every year, thousands of company human resource managers embark on the arduous task of conducting employee performance evaluations. This is a necessary aspect of planning annual salaries, bonuses and staff augmentation for the upcoming fiscal year. However dreadful it may seem for employees worried about getting their raises, it’s equally nerve-wracking for the HR department. […]

Creative Incentive Ideas for Short-term Employees


The benefits of incentive plans should not be limited to just full time workers. Short-term employees are also deserving of bonuses and incentives for work well done. Since the main goal of employee incentive plans is to encourage higher performance and motivation at work, it only makes sense that all levels of employees will respond […]