Managing Temporary or Contract Employees


Hiring with your back against the wall is a dangerous practice. You’ll be reckless during interviews and desperate to get someone started in a hurry. This comes with consequences. Often hiring once you are already short-staffed can lead to poor retention and poor fit. Your team relies on effective cooperation, so accurate hiring and team management will be essential for your success. Here’s why you need temporary staffing, and how you can manage those recruits.

Why You Need Temporary Staffing

First, let’s talk about why you need to outsource your hiring process. Instead of wading through piles of resumes and managing hour-by-hour interviews, shift the process to an expert staffing agency that can simplify the hiring process. Our pros can help you:

  • Identify top candidates
  • Review resumes and documents
  • Pre-screen and drug test applicants
  • Pair proven workers with your job listings
  • Enlist recruits to start a temp staffing role at your company within the week

Encourage Team Unity

The worst thing you can do for a temporary staff member is to make them feel like a temporary staff member. A sense of belonging can be critical to a worker’s productivity and cooperation. Include your temp workers in staff meetings, team building activities, and any company-wide events. Make sure your temporary hires get a full onboarding process. It can be tempting to push them into their new role and hope they swim. Leaving new temp workers to fend for themselves will guarantee mistakes and miscommunication.

Pay Attention

One mistake some managers make is letting their temporary workers go by the wayside. If you don’t connect with them, they’ll feel excluded, and you’ll see a decrease in productivity. Your workers need feedback and appreciation – even if they only serve in a contract capacity. Try the following techniques to maintain a steady line of communication with your temporary workers:

  • Set up weekly one-on-one meetings to chat and develop rapport
  • Schedule regular evaluations to discuss performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Work with them to create professional opportunities

Think Long-Term with Davis

Temporary and contract employees may have more potential than you give them credit for. Watch their work and identify temp staffers that may make a great permanent addition to the team. Too often, managers overlook temp staffers as a quick fix to short staffing. Recruiting temp workers can be more than that – you can assess their progress and look for potential leadership abilities. If you want to learn more about managing temporary workers or turning them into permanent employees, check out Davis Staffing today.