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The 2020 Holiday Season: A new benchmark in difficult leadership. While you may have effectively trained your team in video conferencing, keeping them satisfied in their roles is the next-level challenge. Maintaining a positive environment in an increasingly virtual workplace is the next great obstacle. Try these strategies to keep morale up during the holidays.

1. Decor

Festive surroundings can make a huge impact. Create a paper snowflake competition or send a small care package with a holiday ornament to your crew. Is your holiday party occurring over a video conference this year? Try challenging workers to come up with a festive “background” during the virtual call.

2. Gift Exchange

A secret Santa present will be appreciated now more than ever. Arrange a no-contact holiday gift exchange between any willing participants. Set a maximum low budget to get involved, and use a website to assign random partners so that everyone gets involved quickly.

3. Flexibility

More than anything else, your workers probably covet extra time right now. Time to spend with families, time to run necessary errands, and time to unwind. If you can spare a half-day around the holidays, your employees will be extremely appreciative. It’s all in the holiday spirit!

4. Cold Hard Cash

Let’s cut to the chase: people come to work because of the money. They may or may not love the job, but they get paid to do it. If it’s in the budget, the money will be the most appreciated holiday offering. To boost company culture, consider a one-time bonus or small raises if you can afford it.

5. Support

Hiring seasonal workers is a great way to show your current employees some appreciation. Being short-staffed is the quickest way to get disgruntled employees without realizing it. While you might feel like you’re in a pinch without enough crewmembers, your existing team is certainly feeling it every shift. If you really want your employees to “feel like a family,” you’ll equip them with the personnel support they need.

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