4 Ways You Can Help Upskill Your Employees

A valuable workforce is not only a pleasure to coach, it can also help your own productivity. The more you can trust your team to manage their workload and even delegate to, the more you can get done. A productive staff can boost effective management. Here’s how you can upskill your current workers to help them succeed.


1. Use Your Resources

If you’re ever feeling stuck trying to focus on upskilling, remember that someone else has been here before. Don’t struggle alone – reach out! You have connections, and you can utilize them. If you need advice, talk to a colleague to determine the right course of action or even to just act as a sounding board. Stay in the loop in networking areas within the company as well as on LinkedIn and social media. There may be great ways to raise your employees’ profile on a flyer just around the corner.


2. Lifelong Learning

Inspire your team by creating an environment of lifelong learning. Be proactive instead of passive! When you come across a resource like a new webinar or training program that could benefit your team, assume your staff is interested. Create opportunities for your staff to thrive instead of waiting for them to ask you. If there’s room in the budget, invest in education and certification programs to help your employees prepare for the next step in their career journey.


3. Goal Setting

Spend some time with your workers to learn about their professional desires. Schedule a 1-on-1 with your direct reports to talk about their aspirations, where you can even spend some time brainstorming with them and helping them create professional goals. Your ultimate goal is to identify great talent and encourage their growth, so help your workers connect the dots.


4. Team Up

If you don’t have time to create a master career plan for every employee, create a mentorship program. You can pair senior and junior employees for regular check-ins. Fostering professional connections can improve teamwork while cultivating a space for peer mentorship. Plus, this can be a symbiotic relationship – veterans can talk about internal promotion opportunities, but junior employees can share recent industry experiences. It’s a win-win.


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