4 Ways You Can Help Upskill Your Employees

Hard to believe we’re in the last few months of 2021! While this year wasn’t quite as hard and messy as 2020, it’s still been challenging for businesses and employees alike.

The end of the year is an excellent time to pause and thank your employees for their hard work, dedication, and for showing up when things have been stressful. A little appreciation can go a long way — and it doesn’t have to hurt your bottom line.

Here are a few ways to thank your employees without damaging your profit margin.

1. Adjust schedules a little for the holiday season.

If you can be flexible, offer the option of working four 10-hour days and having an extra day off, or working a little longer each day to have a half-day, free and clear. This will give your employees time to take care of their holiday responsibilities at home and help ease their stress — and it will reduce the temptation of trying to get holiday shopping done while on the clock for your employees who work at desks. Be clear that this is a temporary offer, just through the end of the year, but it’s something you’d like to do to help make their work-life balance a little easier.

2. Have a meal together.

It doesn’t have to be a big, elaborate, catered affair, but a breakfast spread of pastries, coffee, juice, or a pizza or sandwich lunch, gives your employees a chance to eat together and chat. It’s a nice break from the routine and lets people socialize without having to dash out to pick something up or retreat to their cars or a quiet break room. Set aside time for everyone to be together, maybe an extended lunch hour so that everyone can participate together. If you have remote employees, be sure to send food to their homes to participate in the fun.

3. Provide a token of your appreciation.

People love free stuff, and they love little happy surprises at their workplaces in the morning. Find a little memento that can be branded with your company logo or colors and have it placed around the office on everyone’s desk or workstation, so it’s waiting for them the next day. It could be a coffee mug — I can never have too many of those! — or an adapter to charge their phones in their car, or maybe koozies to keep their drinks cold, or something that fits with what your company does. The possibilities are endless!

4. Say thank you.

It’s that simple. Whether it’s individual messages if you’re a small company or a statement that covers everyone, take the time to express your gratitude to your team for their work and efforts. Without their contributions, your company wouldn’t be where it is. Remind them that the company’s success is directly related to their work and how glad you are to have your employees under your roof. People who feel appreciated and acknowledged are more inclined to work hard and stay where they feel wanted.

However, you decide to do it, be sure to thank your employees for sticking with your company over the past two years. They’ve had great challenges to overcome, and they deserve to be rewarded.

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