If you’re looking for a new job but haven’t had much luck on your own, it’s time to consider partnering with Davis Staffing. 

With more than 60 years of experience in introducing talented candidates to our great clients to form solid working relationships, Davis Staffing has grown from a temporary job service in Matteson, Illinois, with just two employees, to a successful, trusted firm with offices in Chicago Southland and Northwest Indiana. We believe our success comes from maintaining high standards of professionalism for both our clients and candidates and know that treating everyone with respect and integrity will continue to guide our path forward. 

But what does that have to do with you, a qualified and skilled job candidate looking for a position that pays what you’re worth? Because when you work with Davis Staffing, you have access to a great system that provides opportunities many other staffing agencies just can’t offer. 

As a candidate with Davis Staffing, you receive:

  • Direct deposit and weekly pay. You don’t have to worry about finding the time to get to a bank and deposit a check or figuring out how to make a mobile deposit. Davis Staffing pays weekly and through direct deposit, so you always know when you’ll be paid, and you’ll be able to receive your hard-earned wages on a consistent, reliable, predictable schedule. 
  • ACA-compliant health insurance. If you’ve struggled to afford health insurance on your own- it’s expensive, and many offers lack basic coverage for important things like prescriptions, vision, and dental care- Davis Staffing can help! We offer access to health insurance at a 50-75% cost savings improvement for you and your family (as needed), in addition to access to telehealth support, and you’re not locked into getting care only from a limited list of providers — you’re allowed to seek care and treatment from any provider, making it easier to use your health insurance benefits to the full extent.
  • Membership to the Sherwin-Williams Credit Union. If you’ve worked with banks to secure a loan in the past, you might be frustrated with the high-interest rate and unfavorable terms. The benefit of having access to a credit union is that membership is for life, so long as you have an open, valid account in good standing. Credit unions offer, in many cases, lower interest rates and easier approval for loans for cars, homes, lines of credit, and even personal loans to help pay off debt faster. You can go to a credit union for personalized financial advice as well, without the pressure of a bank trying to lock you into something you’re not interested in or just don’t want. 
  • Referral bonuses. If you work with Davis Staffing and you’re happy with the opportunities presented to you, you might want to spread the word and help out friends who have been struggling to find a good job. While we’ll be happy enough with your success, we’re also thrilled that you want to tell your friends — and you can get paid for that, too! Davis Staffing employees are eligible to receive a $100 bonus for each person referred to us who becomes a successful candidate with one of our clients. There’s no limit to how many referral bonuses you can receive! 
  • Access to Davis Staffing Career Services for life. Once you’re a candidate with Davis Staffing, we’re in your corner for your entire career. However, we can help you advance your career; we’re ready to step in and help you find your next great opportunity. You become part of our thriving network, and our recruiters will keep you in mind should a great job come up that fits your skills, experience, and goals. We’ll help you meet your career goals! Not only that…
  • Insider knowledge of great companies. When you work with Davis Staffing, you benefit from the relationships we have with our partner companies. We know when new positions are opening, when someone’s looking for a short- or long-term replacement when there’s a temporary job opening up, or when a job you’ve been eyeing is not only open but looking to hire someone just like you. You benefit from our insider knowledge, and our recruiters’ words of recommendation go a long way in helping you land the job! 
  • Our team is here to help YOU. Our recruiters are great at their jobs. Not only do they form personal relationships with our clients, they want to see you succeed. They will search high and low to find a great opportunity that might feel custom-made for your interests and abilities, and they’ll be eager to help you succeed! Need to brush up on some skills or learn something new in order to get the job you want? They’ll help you access the training you need in order to advance your career. And remember, Davis Staffings’ services are provided free of charge to all job seekers! 
  • Access to the Illinois Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program. There’s so much talk these days about retirement, no matter where you are in your career or how old you are, and there’s a lot of stress about how to save enough money to be able to retire at all in the future. Working with Davis Staffing, you’ll have access to our state’s retirement program, which makes it easy to save for the future. The program is available and open to anyone who works for an eligible employer — like Davis Staffing — in every county in the state. Deposits can be made directly from your weekly paycheck, so you won’t even have to remember to send money over every pay period; it’ll be done for you! 

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If this all sounds good to you and you’d like to learn more, start by checking out our website, then look at the jobs we have open and see what sounds like a good fit. When you’re ready to get on board, give Davis Staffing a call!