The best way to help keep your employees safe might be by adding to your team during busy times. 

Whether that means adding extra hands to a construction project to make sure work is done on time, on budget, and with enough staffing to cover all your bases and make sure all safety hazards are addressed, or bringing in on a temporary basis workplace safety experts to conduct an audit and provide recommendations, Davis Staffing is on call and ready to help you protect your team. 

Davis Staffing can help you enhance the safety of your company all year ‘round. 

  • We can provide safety experts to address hazards others might not see. Our safety experts are available to come in and identify hazards big and small that might simply have faded into the background at your company, not due to neglect but because your team is so busy and has adapted to their environment. Bringing in our experts allows for fresh eyes to look for loose cords, misplaced hazards, incorrectly parked heavy machinery, improperly stored tools, or flammable materials, all of which can go from a small problem to a high risk of injury very quickly. Our experts also can provide a checklist for your team to easily implement for regular safety audits. 
  • Secure a customized safety plan that meets your company’s needs and risks. A safety outline for a warehouse doesn’t make sense for a construction site. There are different tools, equipment, risks, and even the number of people walking around and actively moving from location to location will differ, possibly from day to day. Why not get a customized risk assessment specified to your company’s needs in order to better protect your team? Davis Staffings’ experts can provide that! Not only will you have a safer environment overall, but you’ll also minimize the risk of accidents across the board. 
  • Knowledge is power. Training is a great tool for making people aware of the risks surrounding them. By contacting Davis Staffings’ safety experts, your company can have customized instructions on how to keep your work environment and employees safe and out of harm’s way. If you have temporary employees, our experts can provide the most efficient instruction to point out what they need to know for their particular tasks without having to provide an entire workshop on the overall safety risks across the entire facility. Better training on safety hazards for your whole team increases situational awareness and risk assessment and will help people understand when something is amiss, along with what to do to fix it. 
  • Staying in compliance keeps your company out of hot water. Every year there are changes to safety laws and requirements, coming from municipal governments all the way up to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Are all of your policies, procedures, and practices up to date? Don’t wonder — know! By bringing in our safety experts, you can be confident that you’re following all applicable regulations and upholding the correct standards throughout your company. Being out of compliance with safety regulations can result in warnings and/or fines, and no one needs those distractions. 
  • A safe workplace makes for happier, more productive employees. In scary movies, people are always on high alert, trying to run for their lives and stay safe from whatever looming threat is coming to get them. That’s how they miss the massive tree branch just ahead that hits them in the face, making them fall down and become easy prey. In a less dramatic fashion, a workplace in which safety hazards and risks are addressed and fixed before they become problematic leads to an environment in which people can focus on their work without worrying about injury. Focused workers feel safer and are better able to concentrate on their tasks at hand, making them more productive. It’s a win-win-win situation! 

Partner With Davis Staffing to Ensure Workplace Safety


The best part is that working with Davis Staffings’ safety experts is not a one-time thing. We won’t disappear after an initial consultation but will be glad to provide ongoing support as much as needed and as often as needed- we’re just a phone call away! It can be expensive to add full-time, permanent safety experts for occasional demands, but working with Davis Staffing means you’ll have experts on speed dial at a moment’s notice. With regular safety assessments, audits, and training, your workplace will earn a stellar reputation for putting employee health and safety first! 

To learn more about what Davis can do for you, give us a call today!