leadership vs management


What do you think of when you hear leadership? And management? While the terms “leadership” and “management” may conjure the same images and thoughts in your mind, there are some big differences between these two in practice. This article goes into the contrast between leadership and management.

Implementing a Vision

Leaders don’t just think about the day-to-day; they plan for the future of the organization. What support will your workers need in the future? What will the company focus be five years from now? Communicating with your team about the big picture is necessary to execute that vision. Managers follow the rules and enforce the vision without their own creative input. To lead, you need to think big.

Creating a Culture

Working to create a positive company culture for your workforce can be challenging with different work styles and priorities. A natural leader focuses on supporting the staff and creating great opportunities. A manager deals with conflict as it comes up, even when it’s a pattern that may be easily broken. If you want to show leadership, step in early to resolve personal and professional disputes while making sure your employees have what they need to succeed in their role.

Why vs. When

Managers ask about when something’s going to get done, sometimes to the point of tunnel vision. While the focus is valuable, blinders can be detrimental to the overall goal. A good leader thinks about the “why” of things. Procedures are recommended for a reason, but depending on the project or task, there may be room for re-prioritization based on the overall goal.

Improve Your Leadership Skills

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