Red Flags to Look for in a Candidate During the Interview Process


Believe it or not, bad hires can be prevented! Some warning signs appear during the interview if you know what to look for. Paying close attention to the person you’re interviewing can avoid the costly mistake of bringing someone on board which ends up hurting morale, wasting time and resources for onboarding only to be […]

Are You Saving for Retirement? 4 Steps to Follow for Beginners


Whether you’re currently in your very first job after school (at any level) or several years into your career, saving for retirement should be given some thought. It might feel like years — even decades — away, but time will fly! It also sounds like a big, confusing and overwhelming task. It can feel like […]

Fatigue: 5 Reasons it is one of the Top Hazards in the Workplace


Ever been bone-tired, waiting for your next rest? That’s fatigue. You may be feeling it because of personal reasons or if you’re feeling overworked. Avoiding fatigue is essential, which is why proper rest can really help you come to work each day at 100%. Anytime you are experiencing drowsiness, fatigue is the mental and physical […]

What to Wear to a Light Industrial Interview


  You submit an updated resume, you passed the phone screen, and it’s time to make your in-person first impression. Professionalism depends on presenting your best self, and half of that comes from your appearance. Not only do you want to show you know what to wear, but you’ll also feel confident dressing the part. […]

How Your Company Can Benefit From a Diverse Workforce


  The word “diversity” bears a lot of weight. Diversity should be a priority within your operation at every level. Leaders know it’s important, but let’s get specific: what does diversity mean to your organization, and what does it mean to your employees? Let’s check out three things your company can gain from a more […]

Leadership vs. Management: What’s the Difference?


leadership vs management

What do you think of when you hear leadership? And management? While the terms “leadership” and “management” may conjure the same images and thoughts in your mind, there are some big differences between these two in practice. This article goes into the contrast between leadership and management. Implementing a Vision Leaders don’t just think about […]

Common Mistakes People Make When Asking for a Promotion


Common Mistakes Promotion

Are you ready for a promotion? If it’s your first time, you may be susceptible to poor choices and bad advice. Not knowing how to proceed shouldn’t prevent you from getting in the game and attempting to gain the promotion you’ve been seeking. Avoid these mistakes when asking for it. Poor Timing Getting your nerve […]

Wake Up Every Morning Excited to Go to Work!


Work Excitement

The monotony of work can sometimes lead us to resent going to work some days. In times like these, it can be incredibly challenging to stay focused, especially if you’re under increased pressure during the coronavirus outbreak. This is how you can become excited to go to work every day! Fuel Your Determination Many workers […]

Managing Generational Diversity in the Workplace


managing generational diversity

With a job force filled with various generations, you have to adjust your management style to appear to different age structures. Our modern workplaces demand an understanding that there will be a multitude of different people with different perspectives. From young new hires to veterans in the field, here’s how you can do it!   Effective Feedback  […]