Weekdays are kind of weird, aren’t they? They each have a distinct feel: Monday brings the ho-hums of the weekend being over; Tuesday feels kind of blah; Wednesday is that awkward middle moment of reaching the top of the hill and knowing you’re halfway to the weekend; Thursday is where we feel the most focused and energized, and by Friday you and your team are sometimes halfway out the door, at least mentally, by noon. (Especially in the summer.) 

By the middle of the work week, many people feel like the days ahead of them will never end. It’s common to not have a ton of energy and feel distracted because there’s so much to do and only so little time before you close up for the weekend. But it’s possible to bring yourself and your team out of it! 

Here are a few ways to mitigate the midweek slump! 


  • Start a new project. If something has been on your to-do list for a while, but it keeps getting bumped back because of other priority items, make time on a Wednesday to get it going. Whether that’s introducing it to your group, making an outline for how it will need to be completed, starting with the first portion of a project, do something to get the new project initiated. Sometimes that little spark of change can feel really energizing! 
  • Suggest a change of scenery. If your team regularly meets in a particular conference room every Wednesday, try to go somewhere else. Is there a nearby coffee shop? A different conference room on the other side of the building? Maybe some picnic tables outside, so everyone can get some fresh air and sunshine? We get so used to our routines that we don’t always notice the little details; when it comes to regularly scheduled routine meetings, it’s really easy for a team to collectively tune out information they’re reviewing for the second, or fifth, or 10th time. Moving to a new location breaks up the monotony and helps keep the brain focused and engaged. 
  • Change up the workday. Doing something little to help wake your team up can make a big difference in their outlook, attitudes and productivity. Maybe this is the time to start a tradition of bringing in coffee or pastries or some other treat on Wednesdays, a little way to thank people for doing their best and working hard. Especially during the summer months when it’s so easy to daydream about being anywhere other than at work, it’s a nice way to incentivize coming in on time and giving it your best. 
  • Organize a walk. Raise your hand if you’ve ever looked out the window longingly during a beautiful day and wished you could drop everything and go outside. Well, as a manager, who’s to say you can’t? Your team might feel tied to their desks, overwhelmed with work and a little sad that they can’t enjoy the nice weather. Surprise them with a 10 minute break where you all go outside together and walk around the parking lot, or around the building, just to move and do something different.
  • Organize in general. By the middle of the week, it’s possible that the paperwork that has come in since Monday morning — or maybe last Friday — has taken over your space. Can you find what you need right away? Start your Wednesday morning by taking a few minutes to put things away, reorganize and declutter your desk. It’ll give you a nice visual fresh start to help put your priorities in order and clear your mental clutter as well. 


Many people feel like they’re in a slump or rut because their lives feel routine and monotonous. That’s especially true at work, where every day can feel exactly the same. Lead by example and talk with your team about how they’d like to break up the week and see what works best! Even having the conversation might be a nice change of pace. 

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