bounce back after layoff


Have you recently been laid off during the pandemic or corporate restructuring? You’re not alone — millions have experienced this before and have to work to gain new employment. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips on how to get it done.

1. Take Stock

Initially, you’ll want to determine where you’re at once you hear you’ve been laid off. What’s your financial situation? Do you have some time to reassess your career goals with a cushion of cash in your savings account, or is it essential for you to grab the first opportunity that arises? You should take some time here to mourn and be upset your existing role is defunct, but planning helps you move on faster.

2. Update Everything

Your resume, your cover letters, your LinkedIn profile — all of it needs to be touched up. Even if you’ve recently updated your documents, fresh eyes can help you fill in gaps and improve your appeal. Consider reaching out to a colleague or recruiter to ask what improvements your resume may need.

3. Reach Out

Tell everyone you are seeking employment. Your colleagues and friends can’t keep an ear out for job openings if they don’t know you’re looking. Now is not the time to be private about your career trajectory. If you want to be employed, your connections need to know about it.

4. Stay Optimistic

Don’t get too bogged down in the full-time struggle of applying for jobs. It is time-consuming and frustrating and stressful. But don’t forget, it’s also temporary. You will find a fit. And remember that a worn-out, bleak job seeker isn’t a good look to a recruiter. Hiring managers are looking for a qualified candidate with some enthusiasm, ready to jump in and join the team.

5. Improve Your Outlook

It’s not enough to update your resume, you need to improve it – with actual new information and skills. Take this time to expand your abilities and take a course or obtain a certification that can help you land a new role. If you’ve always wanted to improve your abilities, now’s the time.

6. Recruit the Experts

If you’re struggling to find the right fit for your open roles, take your hiring process to the next level by consulting a top temporary staffing firm like Davis Staffing. If you’re tired of shuffling through resumes and getting bogged down with onboarding, our experts can assist you. Take hiring off your plate by outsourcing it to the pros, so you can get back to the work that matters. Reach out today to get started.