Job search tips


Whether you’re in an ever-changing industry like admin work or a traditional trade like construction, it’s vital to know how to cater to the hiring audience. Make your job search work for you by flipping the script and impressing a potential boss. With every passing year, a job search will start to vary a little. Follow these tips when you’re searching for a job this year. 

1) Put Yourself Out There 

Be visible in the marketplace! Some people struggle with advertising their job struggle, whether you are currently employed and looking for something new discreetly, or you have recently lost a job and you need employment. Don’t forget that everyone has been a job seeker at some point in their career, and people can’t help you land a new role if they don’t know you’re looking. 

2) A Fluid Career Path 

Going into this new decade, job seekers must stay flexible. Maintaining all options and keeping an open mind can provide you with some surprising and valuable opportunities. For example, if you’re starting but have dreams of being upper management, an administrative assistant position can help you keep tabs on how a company operates and give you an inside look at what it takes to get to the top. 

3) Networking 

There’s no surprise here: one of the most important aspects of getting the right job is to make the right connections. Meeting people in your industry through mixers, events, and even social media can really make the difference in your job hunt, especially in 2020. Try your hand at an industry-focused conference, or explore LinkedIn more thoroughly to check out connections and resources.  

4) “Interview” Your Boss 

Turn the tables! Check out the company website or public profiles to try to identify if your potential employer maintains a positive work environment. It’s easy to go into an interview intimidated, but we insist that you take back the power. Remind yourself that the boss needs a new hire just as much as you need a new role — maybe even more!  

5) Work with the Staffing Professionals 

When these tricks aren’t working for you, it’s time to seek professional help – and by that, we mean getting a job search boost from the experts. Our top temporary staffing experts can help you land a role in your field quickly.

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