The big day is here: You have a big interview lined up with a job that sounds perfect for you! You’re nervous, of course, but also really excited. The outfit is picked out and prepared, you’ve practiced your answers and are as prepared as possible. 

But have you considered your body language? So much of our communication is non-verbal that you might be sending the wrong message to your interviewer, sounding confident but looking scared. 


Here are a few tips on how to speak confidently and comfortably during your next interview: 

  1. Stand up straight! Be sure to keep good posture while waiting for your interview, while standing or sitting. Shoulders back, head high, no fidgeting, no slouching. This projects confidence and self-assurance, all things people are looking for in new hires and potential employees.
  2. Keep your palms open. If you talk with your hands (and so many of us do), but sure to keep your hands open and relaxed, not balled up or fidgeting with papers or your clothes. Open hands suggest an open person with nothing to hide.
  3. Avoid crossing your legs. This might feel like the most comfortable position both before and during the interview, but it can create the problem of your leg falling asleep during the conversation, which might make you wince when you get to the “pins and needles” stage. It’s also just a more professional look to keep both feet on the ground.
  4. Maintain eye contact. Look your interviewer in the eyes when you’re speaking. This makes a personal connection and shows you’re taking this seriously, plus it conveys enthusiasm and confidence. It shows you know what you’re talking about and are being open, and it makes you appear more personable and friendly. Avoid staring or intense eye contact, but looking at the person you’re interviewing with should be more like conversation with someone you know.
  5. Be responsive. It’s ok to nod along when someone’s saying something you agree with or can relate to, just don’t turn into a bobblehead doll. Lean in to the conversation, literally, to express interest. If the moment calls for it and it doesn’t feel out of place, laugh a little. Interviews are conversations and should feel as such.


You want to make a good first impression during this interview and presenting yourself well, as a prepared and good-natured person, can go a long way to help build you up in their eyes.

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