virtual hiring


Due to the pandemic, the employers were forced to shift to virtual hiring. Virtual hiring typically entails all communication via email and phone communication, as well as video-conference interviews. This sometimes even extends to remote onboarding. It appears that the virtual hiring tactic is here to stay. Here’s how you can get it right.

Consult Your Staff

First, you need to establish a process for virtual hiring and effectively communicate it to your entire team. If your staff isn’t on board, you can’t expect a seamless transition. This means each employee that will be involved in the hiring process should feel comfortable with your chosen video conferencing technology and can be attentive to emails and calls about the hire in question.

Test Your Tech

Test and double test. Many professionals are not immune to a technological misstep while adapting to Zoom or conferencing with other staff members. But you can prevent slip-ups by ensuring everyone takes the time to practice. Make sure your team is testing the same equipment they will use on the day. Don’t forget that if you don’t appear professional and you fumble with a seamless virtual interview, your company may not be as appealing to qualified candidates. They’re interviewing you, too.

Follow Up

When you’ve made your decision, don’t forget to communicate. Many people are looking to get hired in the current market, and you don’t want to take too long making and relaying a decision. If you take a week to extend an offer, the applicant may have already been scooped up by another organization. Candidates are in a hurry to get hired, so don’t drop the ball. You also need to be courteous and professional by telling your rejected candidates they didn’t get the job to complete the process.

Accelerate Your Hiring Process

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