Phone interview

Job seekers that are new to a phone interview may have many misconceptions. There’s a lot of confusing information about interviews, and phone screens can mean even more mixed messages. We’re here to clear things up. Davis Staffing is here to provide the facts and dispel the rumors about phone interviews.

Myth: Phone Interviews Aren’t Important

Candidates may be disappointed by a phone interview because it feels somehow less valuable to discuss important matters over the phone than in person. A job seeker may feel like an in-person interview carries more weight and holds more merit.

Fact: You Can Make A Great First Impression

A phone screen is an essential first step to making a great impression. You have a chance to stand out among a crowd, although it doesn’t seem like it. In-person interviews are scheduled over weeks. Phone interviews frequently happen back to back, so if you stand out and bring a fresh perspective, you can get a leg up on the competition.

Myth: Keep It Short

Phone interviews are supposed to be quick, right? Interviewees may be tempted to cut their answers short and watch the clock constantly during the phone meeting.

Fact: Elaborate Appropriately

This is still your time to shine, even though it’s over the phone. Don’t sell yourself short by cutting yourself off. You have earned an interview, which means you should share your insights and relay your accomplishments to give a hiring manager the full picture.

Myth: Phone Interviews Are Harder

Many people worry about succeeding in a phone interview because they feel they aren’t able to display personality fully, or they may forget to make a salient point. Some worry about stuttering, a poor connection, or background noise.

Fact: Phone Interviews Can Be Easier To Master

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll crash in a phone interview because you can’t fully represent yourself. A phone interview actually gives you the upper hand because you can create an interview prep space that includes your resume, cover letter, and information about the company to refer to. You don’t get that advantage during an in-person interview.

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