The Key to Better Hiring is Better Listening: What to Gather in the Interview


You’ve got a new hire, you provide a thorough orientation, and it’s off to the job site. Then, just one week later, you hear rumors about poor performance. A few more days pass, and your employees are complaining about the new recruit. You’ve invested so much time and energy in this candidate, and they’re not […]

Inside the Hiring Process with Davis Staffing


Are you looking for the right Chicago job? The challenge will be determining which industry suits you best and how to get hired in a hurry. If you’ve got some experience, but you’re looking to diversify your resume, teaming up with a top Chicago staffing agency is the perfect move. Davis Staffing’s successful candidates hit […]

Virtual Hiring is Here to Stay: Get It Right With These Tips


virtual hiring

Due to the pandemic, the employers were forced to shift to virtual hiring. Virtual hiring typically entails all communication via email and phone communication, as well as video-conference interviews. This sometimes even extends to remote onboarding. It appears that the virtual hiring tactic is here to stay. Here’s how you can get it right. Consult […]

The Importance of Shortening Your Hiring Process


Shortening Your Hiring Process

Think about the relationship between an employer and a job seeker. You both need something, and you both have something to offer. After an application and an interview, take a look at things through a candidate’s perspective. More often than not, they are left hanging. We know that hiring can be complicated, but there are […]