Keeping Your Resume Concise


Are you still wondering how long your resume should be? One page or two, how many bullets under each job description? You may be tempted to pack your resume full of details and descriptions, but these days a candidate’s responsibility is to sum it up well. The employer simply skims your resume at first to determine if you’re a good fit for the role or not. Here is how you can keep it concise. 

Utilize Keywords 

When we say that an employer is skimming your resume, it may be even more limited than that. In 2020, many companies and organizations utilize software designed to skim resumes and pick up on certain identified keywords that employers are looking for. What does this mean for your job search? First, it means you need to pay careful attention to the job posting. If any specific skills or strengths are mentioned, find a way to work those into your resume. Secondly, this means you need to cultivate your resume to each application to ensure you have the best chance at landing a position: cookie-cutter materials just don’t work anymore. 

Don’t Ramble  

When professionals are more accomplished and have had many quality job experiences, they sometimes want to share everything about each role. However, it is essential for a job seeker to keep things short. Find words that explain your duties quickly and effectively, and only include the most relevant pieces of each to ensure you’re saving time for the hiring manager and for yourself. 

Keep It Relevant 

Every employer has a different standard for what they expect to see on a candidate’s resume. Some are interested in company loyalty and look for years in a current position. Others are more focused on the exact experience critical for the role and will look for short bursts of training in different relevant areas. Think critically about what your potential employer will want to see, and don’t add in extras they’ll overlook anyway. Avoid listing hobbies and interests so your hiring manager can zero in on the things that really matter.  

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