How to display your skills in an interview


You may have all the skills needed for the position you’re interviewing for, but how can you back that up? The way you present yourself in an interview has to make a big impression. It’s your only opportunity to back up your resume and show that you can be an excellent addition to the team. But how can you make sure your interview counts? Check out these tips on how you can show your professional worth. 

Be Yourself 

During an interview, the hiring manager is looking for someone that can make a great impression and become a valuable team member. “Fit” is more important than you might think. This is the true reason for an interview. Bosses want to see what you’re like in person and how you interact with these potential colleagues. If you’re a reserved person, let that shine and demonstrate your professionalism. If you’re a little goofy, showcase it — that’s okay too! You may have found your people. 

Stories with Purpose 

Hiring managers ask situational questions – “How would you respond to X situation?” “Can you tell me about a time you had a conflict with a supervisor or coworker and how you resolved it?”. To address these questions, you’ll need to tell a descriptive story. Your career has been a series of life lessons, for better or worse, that could be leading you to your next opportunity. Make sure every story you tell displays your best qualities and says something substantial about your work ethic and personality. 

Your Time To Shine 

It is so vital to show off during an interview. So many applicants are shy and don’t advocate for themselves. When you meet with a potential employer, it could be your only chance to advertise your abilities to get yourself the best deal possible. Negotiate, brag, and make an impression during your window, so you don’t miss your opportunity. 

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