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Ever been bone-tired, waiting for your next rest? That’s fatigue. You may be feeling it because of personal reasons or if you’re feeling overworked. Avoiding fatigue is essential, which is why proper rest can really help you come to work each day at 100%. Anytime you are experiencing drowsiness, fatigue is the mental and physical drain that can really ruin your standing in the workplace. Here are the top five reasons fatigue is so dangerous in the workplace.

1. Loss of Attention

A tired brain doesn’t process things quickly. Your attention to detail at work will range from helpful to absolutely crucial depending on your job. If you can’t afford mistakes, you definitely can’t afford to feel the damaging impacts of fatigue.

2. Slow To React

If you need to complete your tasks at a steady rate, feeling fatigue is going to severely impact your ability to move at the right pace. Additionally, being slow to react can cause you everything if there’s a crisis or a close call at work.

3. Impacts Decision-making

Your ability to make quick choices at work is essential. Whether you’re keeping products moving, navigating a warehouse, or dealing with clients, you need to be able to adapt and come to conclusions as needed.

4. Danger With Heights

Many employees working out in the field or in a warehouse setting need to carefully navigate working from tall structures or equipment. Fatigue magnifies that danger unnecessarily, putting you at risk for a deadly fall.

5. Sleeping On The Job

Fatigue, most simply, can make you fall asleep! Obviously sleeping on the job is unprofessional and dangerous, especially if you operate special equipment or heavy machinery. If you fall asleep at work, it’s a critical accident waiting to happen, and your job is likely in jeopardy.

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