interview tips


You submit an updated resume, you passed the phone screen, and it’s time to make your in-person first impression. Professionalism depends on presenting your best self, and half of that comes from your appearance. Not only do you want to show you know what to wear, but you’ll also feel confident dressing the part. Here’s what to wear to a light industrial interview:

Tidy Up

Make sure you’re paying attention to an appropriate appearance. You can conceal your tattoos, groom your hair/facial hair, and keep jewelry simple. A fresh haircut the week before an interview is a great idea. Don’t make any drastic changes just before the interview though!


Make sure you try on your clothes and double-check your outfit the night before to avoid any surprises. Ironed clothes and polished shoes make a difference. For the right masculine look at a light industrial interview, prepare slacks and a collared, button-down shirt. Tie is likely optional, with dress shoes. For the proper feminine look for the setting, you can consider the same look or go with flats and a business casual dress or skirt with blouse. Most light industrial settings mean you can leave the blazer at home.

Consult A Pro

Still not exactly sure on what to wear? If you’re uncertain, that’s okay. Talk to someone! Consult a colleague, a recruiter, or – if possible – a current employee. Talking through your outfit with someone else can help you establish a baseline for what makes sense. The experts will tell you if you’re not sure, dress up. If you think you’ll wear jeans on the job, you should take it one step further and wear khakis, for example.

Connect With The Staffing Experts

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