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Where do you want to be next year? In five years? In ten?

While these are common questions to ask during the interview process with new candidates, they are also worth contemplating when it comes to expanding your company.

Instead of focusing on adding more high-level titles, or adding to your leadership ranks, look at your business strategy and consider which positions would be important to make those goals achievable.

Business strategy can and should be the driving factor behind how a company differentiates itself in a market and how it looks to recruit and hire new employees. If your company wants to make more of an impact on social media, for example, don’t look for a senior vice president of communications; consider, instead, bringing on a social media marketer, someone who has experience in running successful campaigns and improved their company’s reach and followers.

Want to boost your customer service reputation?

Look for engagement managers and community experts. People who know how to handle high-stress situations and navigate tricky conversations with poise and a thoughtful, compassionate approach will be better equipped to tense conversations and can turn a negative call into a positive impression.

Consider the background and interests of the people you’d like to hire.

Do you want to improve your digital presence, starting with your website? Artists and creative designers can go far toward refreshing your look and the first impression people will have of your company if they’re searching online. These highly-skilled professionals can do wonders for your business and help increase your reach, but you might need to consider some flexibility in the recruitment process — offering work-from-home options, incentives for additional training, a willingness to get a subscription to the latest graphic design tools, all can go far toward recruiting top-tier talent.

By looking for skills and abilities, your company puts capital — human and financial — behind the business strategy instead of titles. Forget how things were done before. To get the new hires to help your business grow and meet its goals, think about where you want to go, then find people who can help your company move in that direction.

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